Hawai’i – 2011 – Day 3

We were told that one thing to do while here is to visit Waimea Canyon. Also mentioned was to leave early to make it there in plenty of time to visit laces along the way on our way back to the resort. This sounded like great stuff for us to do so with enthusiasm that can only be borne from the sense of adventure that comes with either the idea that you decided to vacation 3000 miles away or your wife happens to be an overt outdoors-woman and will do what she wants to do whether you join her or not. 😉

Let me give you the basic layout of Kaua’i; it is basically shaped like a large irregular shaped peanut butter cookie, roughly round in shape. We are staying at Princeville, which is located in the center outer edge at the top of the cookie. From where we are located you can go West only for about 10-12 miles before the road stops. What this means to us if we are to make our way to Waimea Canyon is that we have to circumnavigate the outer edge of our cookie shaped island heading east going through cities like Kilauea, Anahola, Kapa’a, Wailua, Hanama’ulu, Lihu’e, Kalaheo, Ele’ele, Hanapepe and finally Waimea.

On the trip to the summit we stopped a couple of times to take pictures of the Canyon. Once you see it you begin to understand. For a person who has never seen the Grand Canyon I was in awe when I gazed upon its magnificence.

We continued our journey to the top and the last spot you can view the canyon from. As it so happened of course there was trail that led down a semi-slick mud covered trail.

It looks worse that it really is. The mud is like clay.

The picture I want to post is being difficult so I will continue the story sans images for now. I finally figured out how to add additional pics. Enjoy!

After we descended the mud trail we had an exquisite  view of some of the canyon walls that often are obscured by low-flying clouds. (Again I will post the image when  figure out what I am doing wrong with importing the image.

To make our day complete we stopped by the museum on the way up to the top, visited a little town that boasted 17 galleries (they had them – we visited nearly all of them) and ultimately made our way to a beach where we enjoyed the company of many chickens, a monk seal about twenty feet off shore and a couple of beers that we brought with us.

We returned home and made dinner before heading to bed.

I know these details are a little vague but it is late and I want to get this in the bag.

More to come…

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