Hawai’i – 2011 – Day 2


First thing in the morning we had what is called an owners meeting where we get pitched all of the cool places to go and see and what tours and entertainment venues were doing. During this we had decided to take the land, water and air tour for our major event while we were here.

Later we wanted to take it easy and check out the local scenery before jumping head-long into the tours that we inevitably go on (already signed up for). We loaded up a backpack with the essentials – water, snacks, cameras – and headed around the island to wherever something interesting caught our eye. as it turns out we stumbled across a river fair, for those in Portland, that is part farmers market and part Saturday market. We strolled through and listened to live music, sampled some pork and beef from a local vender, smelled a line of body lotions made on Kauai and finally made our way to the beach.

The wind was pretty heavily blowing, trying it’s best to uproot anything it could and deter as many people from the water…all to no avail.

The clouds were scudding across the sky and did their best to blot out the sun and for quite a period of time succeeded. We were not to be deterred however and continued our pursuit of ALOHA.

Surfs Up!

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