Hawai’i – 2011 – Day 5

Today Jess and I decided to relax a little bit after a whirlwind of activity over the past several days. I haven’t really expressed all of what we have been doing on my blog but we have been all over the island seeing all we can before we have to pack up to get ready for the second week of our vacation in Kona.

We started the day off by heading to a local coffee shop before heading to our owners meeting. I will explain about that a little bit later. The shop was a nice place that served food that Jess could and wanted to eat and had really good coffee as well as pastries. Jess has a fruit smoothie and bagel with hummus. I partook of the spicey chai coffee and butterhorn. All were delicious.

Let me backtrack a little bit now; while we were heading out the door for the days activities we spied one of the small cats that seem to be all around the resort. It was playing with something in the grass. I thought it might have been a leaf that was moving in an antagonistic way and was to be batted around as punishment for its misbehavior. When we stepped up to the cat to get some pets in this is what we discovered it was playing with…

We headed down the island for some local food for lunch. Since arriving Jess has been wanting to have a plate lunch and were just now getting the opportunity to have one. For ours we went to Mark’s Place.

Located in an industrial section of Lihue it isn’t much to look at from the outside. To be honest it wasn’t much to look at from the inside. Once inside you choose your lunch from a handwritten menu hanging above and to the side of the cash register. Behind the counter as many as 10 people were busily making pastries, grilling, cleaning and taking orders.

Once we received our lunches and sat down to eat we (I) were very pleasantly surprised. The food was REALLY good! I had Mark’s special which consisted rice (of course) macaroni salad (of course) terriyaki beef and chicken katsu. Delicious is all I can say. I actually had to bring more than half of it home.

We headed down the road and stopped off at a local Rum manufacturer (Koloa) for a tasting. After we stopped back off at Costco for a bottle of our favorite of the rums (dark) for nightly our cocktails.

Finally we were heading back home and Jess said for me to take a left at the very last minute before almost missing the exit to some random road. it was random to me but she remembered that or read on one of the traffic signs indicated that the road we were now on was the one that took us to the famous waterfall that was used in the television show Fantasy Island. Here are a couple of those pics.

Finally we got to pet a street vendor’s pet pig.

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