Hawai’i – 2011 – Day 7

It is our final full day here in Kaua’i so Jess and I have decided to spend a little time seeing a couple of the places that we either had not seen during the week or didn’t have enough of a look while we were there the first time around.

We initially had visited a place that we found intriguing right across from one of the beaches that we had passed a couple of times but the water was so turbulent we weren’t able to get into the water more than to let the water wash up against our ankles as we sat on the beach daring the water to get us wet, all the while thinking we might be getting away with tempting fate by playing with Mother-nature.

After our initial giddiness wore off from getting one past the ocean we decided to explore a little more of the tangible. What I mean by that is that we were able to interact with our medium a little more. In this case it was a cave. We walked across the street from the ocean beach parking to the cliff side that had the opening like a maw into the earth itself inviting us in.

1st cave entance on the road we were onHelloooo!

The second image shows Jess about halfway into the cave while I was at the entrance. The third image was about the only other image I could get to come out; it shows some images of Hawaiian mythos. I forget who this figure is supposed to represent and will update this when I find out.

The rest of our time was spent driving around and finding the last place we would have lunch at. We decided on another local place that had been recommended. It was located inside on of the may small malls that have sprung up over the years to support the economy since tourism has become the #1 industry in the state.

We made our order and sat down at a table that looked like it was out of the 80’s. It had a blue thin linoleum top chipped at the corners and seats made of the same stuff. Terribly uncomfortable but we were there only to eat lunch and get out.

While we were waiting for our order an elderly woman dressed all in white came by to sit at the next table over from ours. On her way she stopped right alongside our table, turned here head and said, “Now don’t go thinking about sitting at my table, if’n you were thinking about that I might have to kick you in the shins, and trust me, that’s something I know how to do.” No fooling that is what she said. She kinda smirked/smiled and moved on her way over to “her” table. As she sat down she started talking to us like we were old friends she hadn’t seen in years but welcome all the time.

As I mentioned she was dressed all in white and had thin skin with veins like straws along her hands and arms. Her was snow-white and she walked incredibly slow. She did appear to have all her marbles and was just funnin’ us with her earlier comment. she struck up another conversation about whether we were locals as if our outfits didn’t tell the glaring truth. I was wearing a dark blue polo shirt and brown cargo shorts with white socks and tennis shoes. Jess was dressed in a similar fashion of what main-landers where when the weather is warm in our native home but had no clue what to wear if we wanted to look like a local.

This lady, whom I guess to be at least in her eighties, talked of her husband whom she “dearly missed” and just liked to talk with people. She also mentioned that if we needed groceries to head on down to some local store she gave directions too and said we should ask for the “family discount” and to say “insert her name here that I don’t recall” sent you. She was a sweet old lady and I was happy to talk with her.

The rest of the day we spent doing a weeks worth of laundry and packing things up to ge ready to go for the flights that we had to make the next day.

More to come…

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