Hawai’i – 2011 – Day 8

Today is our day of travel; we are leaving Kaua’i and are heading to Hawai’i via one twenty-minute flight to Honolulu and then another forty minute flight from Honolulu to Kona. Both flights were really painless but there was an hour+ layover between the two. Once we landed we got our rental car which turned out to be a Ford Focus deluxe model. The seats were leather and the cabin had dual temperature control and electric seat adjustment.

Once on the road we headed to Costco for some of the essentials like booze and beer. These were the only things that we knew we would be able to finish in a week. After we stopped at Costco we needed food so we found a brew pub that had delicious food and beer. We had both. We also stayed for the beer tour and tasting that was free and took up just enough time that we had left to burn before we could check in as we could not do so before 4pm.

After our food and drink we were headed to our resort that in located right off the main drag and overlooks the ocean but instead ran headlong into the farmers market that we had to stop at. After we spent an hour getting things squared away at the market we went to our home for the next week. Once checked in we dropped all our crap off and I though we were done for the day but no…no sooner had a took off my shoes Jess asks if we aren’t going to hit the local store up for the essentials we will need before the week is out like milk, chips, salsa and the like.

Finally we made our home for reals this time. We (I) were so exhausted that we headed to bed early.

I have no pictures for this day because I was so exhausted that I didn’t bother even taking the camera out.

More to come…

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