Hawai’i – 2011 – Day 9

Today we had an activities meeting out by the south pool overlooking the ocean. They served a continental breakfast in the early morning breeze underneath the blue sky. Perfect!

This isn’t anything new to us as we have done this sort of thing several times in the past so we sat down knowing what the next 30-45 minutes held in store for us. We settled in for the usual assortment of tour guides for land, sea and air. Surprisingly actually found three tours to take; the first was the all day trip around the island via tour bus along with 10 other people. The second activity is the Big Island Air trip that takes an hour and fourty-fiveĀ minutes all around the island by plain. This is something we did on Kaua’i if you recall. The last activity we were on board for was the all famous Luau that everyone talks about. We were informed by our concierge that this REALLY was the Luau to go to if you ever were to do one.

The only pictures I have are the two opposing faces of our condo.

Funny how just a little elevation changes the weather.

These pictures were not taken on the same day but they looked the same both days.

Tomorrow we have a twelve-hour trip around the island. I am and am not looking forward to that if you know what I mean.

More to come…

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