Hawaii – 2011 – Day 13

As sad as I thought I would be while writing this entry, which is the second to last full day Jess and I have in Hawaii, I really am not. I will say that I have completely fallen in love with the islands but there does come a time when our reality does have to get checked and we have to resume our normal lives once a again.

Today we got up and decided to try a local natural food place for breakfast. It was kind of odd in the manner in which the breakfast was served, but aside from that it was actually very good. We had granola, nuts, blueberries, and strawberries all mixed together in some sort of sorbet. Odd but good.

After breakfast we went to Snorkel Bob’s to rent some gear for snorkeling. We made our way back to one of the many beaches to enjoy the water for the first real-time. It was fantastic. Just offshore there were some many species of fish to observe. They hardly paid any attention to us as we swam near and overhead. I am sure they have become so accustomed to people swimming that they just forget about them.

After our time in the water we went to a small part of town to look at some of the shops set up especially for tourists to come in and check out.

We managed to escape without spending and arm and a leg and made our way back to our condo for a little R&R out of the sun.

This was what we got to enjoy from our lanai. Please enjoy it too!

More to come…

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