Bowling Update Week 13

Last night (12-19-2011) went pretty well. We ended up taking 20.5 out of 35 although we should have taken 10 points less but the team we were bowling against completely bricked, if I can steal an expression, in the tenth frame. 

Allow me to explain; the first game we lost by only lost by 12 pins. When each team handicap total is somewhere around 900+ losing by so few pins really can be disappointing. To make the night even more dramatic, if such a thing can be said about bowling, the second game we tied at 943. This means that going into the last game the 5 points awarded for high series was to be determined by 12 pins. The game was wrapping up and we are now entering the tenth frame and every pin counts (literally) and I can see that we have a small lead going in but they have 1 bowler with a strike in the 9th frame and their 4th and 5th bowlers have doubles (a strike in each the 8th and 9th frames) going in. To counter this we have a think 3 spares going in so they were chewing up about 40 pins before they rolled a single ball in the tenth frame and our lead was desperately slipping away. As their first bowler with a strike didn’t strike on his first shot he was trying to convert (pick up) a 6-10. This should have been a pretty text-book spare but somebody had penciled in the wrong answers in the book he was learning from and he missed the 10 pin and now maybe for the first time we saw that there was a small chance we could still hold on. As we made our way through the roster I believe we all were making spares but no doubles (strikes) to pad our ever-dwindling lead.

Their 4th bowler steps up, the first of two with a double going in to the 10th frame and amazingly he opens. I think he left a big split (4-6-7). I spare in the 10th and shot nine pins for my second shot. I remember Ruben saying sometime during the 10th frame if we still had a shot and my definitive “NO”, sticks in my mind. As their anchor bowler up, again with two strikes going in, and to everyone’s amazement he opens. All went silent as it slowly sinks in to what just happened…we had not only won the last game and it’s 5 points but we won by more than 12 so we ended up taking the overall total series bonus 5 points to boot. What should have amounted to us taking 10.5 – 11.5 turned into 21.5 for the night.

So many expressions come to mind at a time like that – “Never say Die”, “Geronimo”, “Never give up, never surrender”, “Over my dead body”, “So punk, you’re probably asking yourself, did he fire five shots or six”, “Go ahead, make my day”, okay so I digressed a bit and am now channelling Eastwood for no good reason…Sue Me! Whatever, the point is that you never ever give up.

I learned a lesson last night too; even though I may think that there is no way for our team to win I cannot let my team mates know that. As the anchor I need to set an example by which I can feel good about setting. To me those things in no particular order would include enjoying the game, winning isn’t everything, being a good loser and a gracious winner, how to heckle the other team and razz your own. How to chug the last gulp of delicious alcoholic nectar before you have to take your next shot. Those sorts of things need to be championed and I guess I volunteer. 😉

Can I drone on or what? That is a rhetorical question so don’t answer.

Oh yeah…the scores that I almost forgot about.

  • Tommy – 144 – 148 – 124 – 416
  • Ruben – 164 – 147 – 203 – 514
  • Bill – 170 – 169 – 116 – 455
  • Brian – 170 – 175 – 176 – 521
  • James – 214 – 217 – 208 – 639

More to come.

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