Christmas Eve Eve

Quick Update:

Yes folks, I said Eve Eve. Today is the 23rd and I am spending the holiday with my in-laws up in Seattle. This will be an exciting time as everyone in the immediate family will be attending, even Marshall who now resides in Pensacola Florida where he landed a job after obtaining his masters earlier this year.

Earlier in the week we had my immediate family (+1) over for a dinner of Russell Street barbecue so that we could all get together and share a little fellowship, food and to let Jess and I hand out presents we bought for everyone while in Hawai’i. The +1 in attendance was Jess’ uncle Paul. He is a truck driver and had a delivery locally so was in town and was an excellent opportunity to save him from some truck-stop food.

Today we plan on baking cookies and may be taking a trip somewhere fun. In short it will be a day of relative rest and fun and entertaining the niece and nephew.

More to come…

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