Christmas 2011 +2 – Rantings of a crazy guy…maybe

I started back to work today after the long holiday weekend like most M-F 9-5’ers. The weekend was great and spent with my in-laws. Even after 2+ years of marriage it sometimes a little weird to say in-laws. Weird!

The next couple of days will give me an opportunity to get completely caught up with all of my loose end projects and have a clean inbox for once. 🙂 Still after that is done I think it will be extremely boring as it is slow here and until next week our workload for current events is down to zero. It’s a ghost-town in the office as well as MUCH of our staff have taken the week off. Smart people.

For Christmas my wife did get me a Kindle Touch. I am very excited about it, and about getting rid of many of the books I have sitting on my shelves at home right now. I did login and downloaded a few free books to test drive my new piece of hardware but really need to go through the user-guide to understand all its functionality.

Getting rid of a bunch of stuff that has just been gathering dust over the years is not a good use of our limited resources – space. So keeping with tradition I will be freeing myself of the tethering bonds that have been keeping me attached to my things for so long.

Earlier in the year I sold almost all of my old D&D modules, before that it was my old excess MTG cards, before that it was D&D source books and before that it was my futon set. This has all been done to free myself of the pressure of my “things owning me.” Once I had decided that I didn’t need to keep them for the sake of keeping them it was easy to get rid of them. Plus I got to use the money I earned from those sales towards other things I really am keeping current with like bowling in a league again or getting other MTG cards.

In short the Kindle will be a much-needed space saver.

Best to you all in the upcoming year!

More to come…


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