Bowling Update – Week 16 – Update

The quick and dirty, more details when I have more time. This is worth telling. For now, the scores.

I will now tell how once again our team was able to pull out a victory from the jaws of defeat. (I always wanted to say that)

We were giving our opponents this week a grand total of 15 points handicap as a team. For those not understanding how a handicap system in bowling works I will explain it. When two bowlers meet head-to-head and one has a higher average that the other, the bowler with the lower average will get some total of pins, you know – cuz it’s bowling, to add to there score to determine the winner.

In our league the handicap is 100% of the difference between the two bowler i.e. a bowler with a 150 average bowls a person with a 200 average would get the difference between the two averages added to his/her score to determine the winner. In this case it is 50 points (pins). This is done for all five members of the team for determining individual handicap and then those totals are added up for team handicap. The team with the higher handicap will get the difference between their team handicap and the other teams.

On our team we had Tommy (1st bowler) get 2 pins handicap, Ruben (2nd bowler) got 7 and Tod (4th bowler) got 15 for a team total of 24 pins handicap. Our opponents 3rd bowler got 21 pins and 5th or anchor bowler got 18 for a team total of 39. Because their team total handicap was higher they got the difference between the two because as a team we had the higher team average and therefore less handicap. In this case is was their 39 minus our 24 which was 15 pins. Not very much at all, almost like bowling scratch (without handicap).

So as a team we were bowling okay but their lead bowler was bowling out of his mind. He had strung 5 or 6 strikes together and was really laying the hurt on us in terms of keeping even with them. We started losing ground. Around the 8th frame I look up and see that we are about 80 pins down and things were not looking good for us. The only saving grace was that their lead bowler showed his mortality and stopped striking.

Tommy stepped up and in the 8th and 9th frames got strikes. Bill, Tod and I joined Tommy in the 9th frame with strikes. Now we get to the 10th frame and we are gaining traction and are looking like we can take the team game if we can continue striking. Tommy gets to the 10th frame and gets 29 out of a possible 30 pins.

For those not knowing bowling math – here goes nothing. When you strike in bowling you add the next two balls you throw to your score i.e. in the first frame you throw a strike so now you get to count the next two balls thrown. You follow-up in the second frame with a 6 count and then hit 3 out of the remaining 4 for a total of 9 pins in the second frame. Your score now looks like this strike (10 pins) in 1st + next 2 balls (6 pins +3 pins) = 10+6+3=19 in the first frame. The second frame adds 9 more pins to your 19 which gives you a score of 29 in the second frame.

When you throw a spare, which is not knocking down all the pins on the first shot but getting them in two you get to add the next 1 ball you throw to your score. Take the example above of a strike in the first then a 6/3 in the second. Lets change that to a strike followed by 6/spare and then a 7 on the first ball in the 3rd frame. The score would be 10+10(next 2 balls from 2nd frame which was ll of them)=20 for the 1st frame score. The 2nd frame score is 20 from the 1st frame + 10 from the spare in the second frame + the next one ball is 7 (from the 3rd frame) which is 20+10+7=37 in the second frame.

I could keep going but I wont bore you with geek speak any longer than I have too. Back to our regularly scheduled story. So Tommy has strikes in the 8th & 9th plus he went strike, strike, nine in the 10th frame. Ruben also had strike, strike, nine in the 10th. Bill had a split that he picked up (converted) and followed with a 9. Tod went strike, nine open and I chimed in with a strike in the 9th plus strike, strike, nine in the 10th. This was a massive undertaking by the whole team and as a reward we were able to overtake our opponents by 26 pins.

We took a total of 31 out 35 points for the night and I truly believe that our efforts in the first game paid off in the second and third because we KNEW we could overcome any pins we were behind in. This is the second time we have had late game wins. It feels really fantastic for the whole team to pull it together and pull out the W.

I am really proud of all the guys on my team!

  • Tommy – 178 – 150 – 180 – 508
  • Ruben – 170 – 136 – 183 – 489
  • Bill – 159 – 161 – 158 – 478
  • Tod – 189 – 235 – 183 – 607 – Tod’s high series for the year.
  • James – 226 – 266 – 257 – 749 – My high series for the year.
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