Random Thoughts

Things have been super compact for really the last couple of months with well…life. It started back in November just before Thanksgiving. Jess and I had my family over and her uncle Paul for dinner. We ordered from Russel Street Barbeque for a gathering of loved ones before heading to C-Town to spend the holidays with her family.

We spent four days with family enjoying time with everyone, especially Marshall and the newest edition to the family, Vincent. Marshall lives in Florida these days and had not been seen from in many months since the big cross-country move down there. Vince at this point was about 3 months old and was very much into doing what kids his age do…eating, sleeping, pooping, rinse-repeat.

The time was well spent being around people I care a great deal about as well as stuffing myself on the gourmet dinners that the whole family helped make. The biped to kitchen ratio was stacked in favor of biped so not everyone could help in the food prep but that didn’t stop people from helping out when they could. There was always some little chore or task that could be done.

The saturday after Thanksgiving we flew to Hawai’i for two glorious weeks and then cam back in time for the mad frenzy of Christmas shoppers and commercials and sales and this and that. It was crazy!

Here in my story I now remember we had my family and uncle Paul over for Christmas dinner not before Thanksgiving but right before Christmas. Oh man, see how jumbled I have remembered things? Christmas we headed up to spend the holiday in C-Town again and ultimately made our way back home where it has been trying to play catch up on yard maintenance and every other kind of routine that for the last couple of months we have been somewhat lax on.

Crazy man!

I think that now that things have started to get back into their routines I will be writing more often. I will try to incorporate different categories and maybe some interactivity on the part of all you people reading this blog.

Finally I will be trying to come up with a more reasonable name for my blog aside from 2thumbspointedin.wordpress.com. Something like stories from a young at heart middle-aged man or The life and times of James Nutt. I will see what I can do to make it easier to find and track for people.

As always – More to come…

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