Kate Shugak Series – A Cold Day for Murder – Review

I just finished reading my first ebook on my new Kindle that I received for Christmas. The book is entitled A Cold Day for Murder and is by Dana Stabenow. This is a series that I started reading a number of years ago after asking what my mom and sister had been reading, wanting  to know what their likes were and decided I would try one out to see if it was something I would like too.

Typically I read fantasy novels but over the last decade I have been reading contemporary alternate reality murder mysteries and the like delving into the preternatural. Huh? What this means is that the setting is contemporary but there are accepted facts about the world i.e. vampires, werewolves and zombies may exist along with other dark and creepy things.

Some of the authors that have made this genre popular are Jim Butcher, Charlaigne Harris, Kim Harrison and Laurell K. Hamilton. Each bring a special element into the worlds they have created that is unique from each and every other. Although vampires do play a significant role in each. Hmmm…

Anyway, back on track. I borrowed a couple of the books from my mom and read them in short order and was pleased with them. For one reason, they are not super long at around 200-250 pages at most which makes them perfect for quick reads. There is something to be said about a longer book, settling in to a book you just don’t want to end and then again sometimes you just want to have something to tide you over to your next epic read.

What I liked about the book aside the short time it takes to read was the fact that it took place in Alaska. many plot devices use big cities that more people can relate to. Taking a smaller unknown city and using it as the nexus of your writing world was a great move. It spoke to me because Dana does live in Alaska and is happy to write about what she knows, or at least where she knows. Sounds like she knew about the people the wrote about as well, at least to an Outsider like me.

All I can really say about the book(s) are that they are worth the read and if you get the chance to read them it is well worth it. They are quick and to the point and there isn’t a lot of gratuitous blithering that goes on in some books that drone for hundreds of pages longer than they need to.

Go out and read them

More to come…

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