Bowling Update Week 20

With the second to the last week in the third quarter and us being in 6th place, the last place that pays any bonus money, we found ourselves needing a big night…and a big night we got.

First our scores:

  • Tommy (158) – 149 – 157 – 178
  • Ruben (147) – 181 – 189 – 173 (averaged 181, +34 pins per game)
  • Bill (168) – 181 – 152 – 182
  • Tod (164) – 152 – 175 – 168
  • James  (207) – 191 – 237 – 213

As you can see Ruben was the big winner. He beat his average by an average of 34 pins a game. This was and is huge. It always seems that there is always someone who is going to bowl well for a game or two each night, you just hope they are on your team. 🙂

We ended up taking 30 out of 35 for what appears to be a line in the sand we will not go past, that of sixth place. Also something noteworthy, we were playing the first place team. Reports also came in through the grapevine that the second place team got routed as well. And if I am allowed to mix sports metaphors, opens the field for a photo-finish. The difference between 1st and 10th has tightened up so there is still a lot of jockeying for position going on.

The guys we bowled last night is one of my favorite teams to roll against. They are all between mid-late 40’s to early 60’s. They don’t take it that seriously and we all (both teams) get along really well.

Actually I get along with just about everybody in the league. I have been doing it for so long, like so many of the other guys, that you get to know them a little more on a personal level that makes the bowling experience more than just a night out of bowling. It is a time for socializing, getting caught up on personal events, tragedy, work, home, relationships, gaming (if your into that sort of thing) or whatever else suits your fancy.

It is also another vehicle to allow for drinking. Every now and again I will have a shot of Patron or a small cup of beer but generally I cannot drink very much while I bowl. I have to remain clear-headed. Although I guess there is something to be said for being relaxed while you bowl. 😉

So untill next time…

More to come…

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