Bowling Update Week 21

After climbing our way up into 2nd place, we were man-handled last night. Not like we didn’t as a team do well, it was just that we were out-bowled. We took 7 out of 35. So comes to an end our cinderella story.

I am going to mix it up a little today and give a brief overview of what I saw for each bowler.

Here is the recap:

  • Tommy (158) 121 – 142 – 160 = 423
  • Ruben (151) 183 – 203 – 187 = 573 – Say What!!!!
  • Bill (168) 245 – 192 – 130 = 567
  • Tod (164) 172 – 146 – 199 = 517
  • James (208) 202 – 269 – 267 = 738

Tommy seemed to struggle with keeping his shoulder up/crossing his body and keeping his ball speed down. I think Tommy’s biggest obstacle to overcome is his speed. I think if he were able to reduce his speed considerably he would increase his average by 20 pins no problem. His speed takes away accuracy and hook that any hook needs to drive thru the pins for higher pin count.

Bill started off the first game out of the gate with 8 straight and then opened the next two frames. Still has an awesome game at 245 but fell short of where his game should have been considering how well he was throwing his ball initially. He started to drop off for the second game and was leaving more open frames together and started to get frustrated. He melted down the third game and started kicking and hitting things, even going so far as to create a huge blood blister on his right pinky. I think Bill lost focus and let it get to him and wasn’t able to make the right adjustments for his ball in time coupled with some spares he maybe should have carried and a couple of would-be strikes that could have fallen for him.

Tod struggles off and on for the first two games with more spares than striked falling. I think he needed to make his adjustments earlier in the night so that he carried more single pins for strikes rather than settling for spares and ultimately a lower score. He was able to pick up his game during the third with a nice 199.

This week I stepped up and had two monster games at 59 and 61 pins over average. To be fair I did shoot under average the first game which reduced my overall series but it felt really good to have back-to-back games that were the kind of games I would like to have more of.

The big story is…wait for it…wait for it…once again Ruben steps up to the plate and knocks the ball out of the park…ahem…to mix sports metaphors. He averaged 40 pins over average, up from his whopping 34 pins-per-game he did last week. That boy is on fire!


More to come…

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