Bowling Update Week 22

Entering into the home stretch here people. We have started the final quarter. After winning only 7 points to ends the 3rd quarter we definitely wanted to jump to a good start so we aren’t digging our way out from the hole we found ourselves in as much in the latter part of the quarter like last quarter. 

We, each of us, knew what was at stake and had decided not to lie down and let ourselves get whooped up on if we could help it. Now that was the plan, however I decided against that plan and went with my own and decided to bowl the lowest game I have in several months. I could go on and give any accounting of how each did each game and what I thought could be worked on but I wont. I will just get to it.

  • Tommy (157) 167 – 154 – 140
  • Ruben (153) 181 – 187 – 166
  • Bill (169) 170 – 199 – 192
  • Tod (165) 210 – 166 – 192
  • James (210) 174 – 225 – 268

The big news but not really any more is that Ruben was able to stick to his ways of bowling well and above his average each game. He averaged 178 which is a whopping 25 pins above average per game. Good job Ruben!

For the night we ended with 30 out of 35. Of the five lost, I lost two of them. I think that shows how well the rest of the team had done. After all that, we still ended in second place to start off the quarter. The team ahead of us…took 34 out of 35. This is about as many points as I have seen any team take. Sadly it happened to a team with only three bowlers and two blind spots. This night I believe they had only one bowler show up and this was the result. I feel bad for that team. Not that they shouldn’t lose games, because we all do, but they lose games because they haven’t been able to field a complete team all year.

In any case, I hope they plus many of our former bowlers are able to make it back next year. As it stands we have only ten teams. Down from 16-18 4 to 5 years ago that is a big drop. I get it, some teams move on to other houses and others tried it once and decided it wasn’t their thing, still yet others are financially unable to make that kind of committment. I think we all can relate.

I think I will leave it at that with a note that I have read several books on my Kindle and will post reviews of them later on as soon as I make time to do so.

More to come…

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