Bowling Update – Week 23

Last night was, to me, both sad and funny. Let me explain. I started out the night starting from a particular spot on the lanes, throwing the lighter of my two bowling balls and ended up crushing the pins. I started with a 9/spare, then threw 8 strikes in a row, followed up by another 9/spare and ended on a strike. For my efforts I was rewarded with a 269.

At this point I was feeling that tonight I might actually get my 800 series, having with such and awesome game. That’s what I thought…I started off with a ten pin/open in the first frame and then a couple strikes, then some garbage for the rest of the game. During this time I thought I should make the adjustment of moving where I stand and even switched to my older and heavier ball. All to no avail. I ended with a dismal 169. Before anyone screams “hey, that’s much better than I could do.” The simple fact is, it is not as good as I can do. In fact that is one of my lowest scores all year and 41 pins BELOW my average.

I was struggling so much and over thinking everything I decided to go back to my original spot on the lane and throw the same ball as in the first game. Wouldn’t you know it, I bowled a 268. This brought me back to a 706 series. The guys were teasing me that after the second game if I could roll a 269 on the third game that I should be eligible for some sort of crazy award. Probably the kind that is has the back-end of a horse on it. 🙂

Having said that, the night was really close for the first two games with us losing both games by 5 pins and 18 pins respectively. This was a little disappointing but we knew if we could win the last game by 24 or more pins for the team, which isn’t that much, we could take the 5 points for series. The last game really wasn’t terribly close with us winning by 87. We split the points 18 us, 17 them. Not too bad for a team that only took one game. 🙂

On to the scores:

  • Tommy (157) 141 – 179 – 168 = 488
  • Ruben (154) 164 – 179 – 204 = 547
  • Bill (170) 149 – 198 – 179 = 526
  • Tod (166) 140 – 149 – 157 = 446
  • James 9 210) 269 – 169 – 268 = 706

So, the story here, once again is Ruben. He bowled above his average every game. Not only did he do that but he averages 28 pins above average. He has really taken control of his game like Pecos Bill did to that tornado and rode that mother ’till is yielded to his will. You get the idea. For the last 4 weeks at least Ruben has been not only consistent but been outstanding. His performances have helped this team do as well as we have.

Good job Ruben!

More to come…

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