Weekend Bliss turns to Monday Blues

Okay so today I am not having the Blues because of the weekend. I am just tired because of all the activities that were packed into this weekend. I am not complaining mind you, merely pointing out the fact I am dog-tired today…and here is the reasons why:

Friday – Post workday

Have dinner with friend at one of Jessica and my favorite eating establishments, Hodas. Afterwards we head downtown to play some miniature golf at Glowing Greens Miniature Golf located under the Hilton in Downtown Portland. What a great place this way. It was large and spacious with the ceiling at a height of 15 feet so you didn’t feel claustrophobic. Also the theme was pirates so everything was garish painted in bright colors with a kind of 3D look to it. This would have been awesome with the 3D glasses you could rent but even without them it was really worth doing. Oh yeah, almost forgot. It was under black-lights so you play with glowing balls and can see all the lint collected on your shirt and you shoe-strings are all glowy. Yes I said glowy – sue me!


I got a text from my buddy Jim to help him out with a project for school so he offered breakfast as payment.  I made my way to my car to find out some vandal broke the left side-view mirror between Friday night and Saturday. Moving forward, I met Jim at his place in Vancouver and we went to IHOP for a whole mess of food and back to his place to work on his school project. I forgot to mention some vandal broke the left side-view mirror between Friday night and Saturday.

Once home I unwound for a couple of hours before we got ready to go to the PSU men’s basketball game my wife’s band (Power Pep Band) plays games for. Once there we discover that they have enough people without her and we head over to watch the Blazer game at the Rose Garden. Sadly they lost to the Timber Wolves. Higher scoring game and we got to see some people really step up. Again, sadly, one of whom was Kevin Love for the Timbers. He was actually kind of awesome to watch. In his third year he is really dominating and even has a three-point shot.

We headed home and stopped off at Safeway to pick up some ice-cream to console ourselves at yet another home loss for the Blazers.


I had decided since I was unable to make breakfast for Jessica on Saturday because of jumping out of the house to help Jim I would do it for her today. The plan was simple; pancakes, bacon freshly make coffee. Easy right? Hold the phone. We had only have the awesome pancake mix we normally have so I made up the difference with regular flour, eggs, almond mild and  touch of sugar. The bacon went into the oven to broil on 350 degrees just like I always do. You do have to keep an eye out and turn it more than I ended up doing this time because of the scramble to make the pancakes. So they turned out a little more devoid of oil than I would have liked. I like bacon DONE but this was a little more DONE that I like. Not burnt but maybe just a couple of shades this side of it. 😉

After breakfast I had to level up my character for a D&D campaign we haven’t played in 4 months. When I went t do this I realized the my updated character was done on Ruben’s PC and I had to create it over from scratch. Sheesh! Actually it wasn’t bad…but then I had to print and since we moved over our service to Century Link we have a new router and my PC had to reconnect and I ended up removing my printer and reconnecting to it, blah, blah, blah. Long story short I ran late getting over to our friends home to play.

The session was awesome and I did manage to not get killed and help rescue a 3 y/o child and maybe and angel at the same time. Bonus! We did get to tangle with some animated roped and fend off some fanatical zealots before laying the hammer down on the so-called Dolara.

After the game I got back home in time to get dressed up to go out with Jessica to the Oregon Symphony and the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. It was a fantastic performance and recommend everyone go see it if they get the chance.

Phew! – That was the weekend.

More to come…

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