Bowling Update – Week 26

As a team we are going up in flames. We have been trounced the last three weeks after an initial awesome start. Having said that it is good we got our 1st place win the first quarter so we don’t have to worry so much about that anymore. Now we just need to work on being consistent. With that…here are this weeks scores:

  • Tommy (157) 150-187-140
  • Ruben (156) 169-149-139
  • Bill (171) 172-139-175
  • Tod (167) 158-165-105
  • James (210)  202-201-224

It was an okay night. No one shined and no-one was terrible.As a team we took only 5 1/2 games. I will mention Tod had the wheels come off his last game. Better luck next week Tod. We all need a little of that since we are heading into the final couple weeks and sweeps this next month.

One final note to mention was that Bill showed up just before we started to bowl. He arrived in time to put his shoes on and bowl. It turns out he had went fishing earlier in the day but apparently the battery had died before they (friend to be named later) could do any fishing so the boat was taken to a place where it could be tested and outfitted with a new battery…I think. Finally they had to wait for the work to be done and take the boat home and then make it to the alley without a moment to spare.

The he I have been referring to was Bill’s friend Jerry. Jerry is an older gentleman. He is a retired school teacher. We (the team) spent much of our time talking with Jerry who seemed very interested in the sport of bowling – don’t laugh people…bowling is a sport – F You if you think otherwise. 🙂

Turns out is Jerry’s younger days he was a pitcher that had been drafter by the Yankees before being trumped by Uncle Sams team. Jerry also played football and connected with Tod and Ruben who both played football in highschool.

Jerry, having professed his interest in the gam,e wanted to trade fishing trips for bowling lessons with me. I was more than happy to comply. I would have done it for the enjoyment I get out of seeing people that want to bowl learn how. Bonus – cha-ching – double plus good. All that aside Jerry said he was very competetive and asked some really insightful questions about the mechanics of bowling.

Bill bought Jerry a bowling ball and is wanting to learn about it and get moving as soon as possible. He was getting it drilled for his hand Monday night so is ready to start on his journey on the greatest sport ever invented!!! (well maybe not but it is one of my absolute favorites).

Time to Roll Out!

More to come…

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