Gaming Update – A Tale of Two Campaigns – Part 1

It has been brought to my attention that I have been kind of lazy about my blog, not writing anything aside from my bowling updates for the past several months. I am here now, ready to tell the tale of the latest session of the Brother’s Grimm installment of Paul’s game. If I have the where-with-all I will also give a few tidbits about the other Wednesday campaign I am in.

Our campaign takes place in a world from the imagination of Paul, our newest DM. He has tailored the game to include bits and pieces from the Brotheer’s Grimm fairy tales. So far we have encountered Hanzel and Grettle and a nasty old witch we have come to know who belonged to a triumverate of witches that have designs we are not fully aware of. We rescued the kids and scragged the witch and her minions (not the 1 hp type) as well as a white dragon she kept chained in a natural cavern she gained access to through her home. I think more of killing the dragon as a mercy that only the gods know if we were right or wrong in doing since she kept it in a terrible – sorry state, mad with hunger and vengeance for all those around it. We were in no position to negotiate with it to help us throw off the yoke of the evil hags power so had to settle for dispatching it.

Later we encountered the Big Bad Wolf who at once when faced with our party decided it was in need of a tasty meat snack and decided that I was it. It turns out I ended up only being a chew-toy instead and while literally clinging to the hanging bits in the back of his throat saw what I believed to be his last meal. Turns out it was another poor soul who mere moments before had been swallowed whole and was on his way to a slow and miserable death, being slowly devoured in the stomach of an oversized puppy.

I helped the other meat snack escape and our party was victorious in slaying this foul beast. We made a prize of his fine pelt and offered it up to the village of the man we rescued but were rebuffed in our actions citing it was terrible ju-ju to take such a trophy.

We said “F U” to your ju-ju and kept the pelt. Moving forward we had heard that the rightful heirs, a brother and sister, were spirited away by the Lord Regent, never to been seen from again. Now I am getting ahead of myself as the story really begins with the death of a king and the surrounding countryside started fracturing and all the cities had started to fortify themselves into small defensive self-contained city states. What else could a small village/homlet/town do but stand with others of its own kind since military patrols had fallen off sharply since the king “died” and bands of roaming monsters, bandits and various kinds of assorted ilk started raiding the unprotected or weakly defended.

I have in a previous entry mentioned the beginning of this campaign of which we have advanced in skill to a level of 6 or 7, e-gads I can’t rightly remember. In any case we have come a long way in our ability to manage many of the beasties that Paul has created with the sole purpose of destroying us.

To catch you up on what has been going down, we have decided to follow-up on the children and the alies of the old, now long-dead kind. Our investigation led us to the Elvin kindom to the south of us. But first we had to gain a talisman to gain entry into the forest with. We discovered one such talisman was possessed by a thoroughly distasteful human with a penchant for gambling. We bested him in cards and won his prized posession and our access to the Elving kingdon. Upon our victory he nodded to a couple of his henchman and soon they disappeared.

Once we had decided to leave for the evening and were making our way back to our lodgings we were set upon by this gambler and his hired assassins. Turns out he double-downed with a “I think I will kill you all and take my shiny object back” when he should have folded. We saw his bet and raised him a “you-first som-bitch” and commenced the beat-down. The long and short of it was we scragged him and maybe one of his henchmen but a couple of the halfling buggers got away. We decided to forgo the rooms for the night and decide to put as much distance between us and the city as possible. We did well for it was all over the twon how we murdered the “poor gentleman” in cold blood and since we had fled we were assumed guilty. Great!

We high-taled it to the forrest of the elves as quick as we could with a few squirmished along the way ultimately gaining access to the kingdom of the elves. Once there we were told to assist the Oracle who had been under seige by an unspeakable evil. Gladly we accepted this request and sought out the Oracle by the directions given us by the Elven High Council.

A mighty battle ensued where we were mightly abused by some cheater plant mosters (ropers) but we prevailed in the end, as good always does…right?

Having rescued the Oracle, we were given an opportunity to ask any questions we wanted. We chose to stick to just the facts ma’am and soon learned the true nature of the Lord Regent and his unholy alliance with the witches three minus-one (since we had already scragged one of them). We also found out about the pillars and why they are important as well as the kings sword which is especially useful in whoopin’ some ass on demons, or at least a thousand years ago it was.

We learned of the king of olds sacrifice and that of his sons. His treachorous death by the Lord Regent and perhaps found an unlikely alley in the Grand Visier.

At this time it should be noted that we have already become the newest members of the Order 2.0.  (I am going to use the word Order because I cannot think of the proper name of the organization we are part of) – Sorry Paul

With all of our new-found information we went back to the Elven High-Counsil and informed them that the seige on the Oracle had been lifted. We also informed the EHC that we intend to loosen the grip of the Userper King and undermine his powerbase as well as those of the Witches and their cohorts. To do this we have decided to liberate the remaining pillars to help restore some of the goodness that has been leeched from the lasnd by the disabling of these pillars.

After informing the EHC of our news we sought out the grand-daughter(s) of the Oracle, who looked like like she was the grand-mother not the grand-daughter. I guess the best aging regimin to have is to become the Oracle – ladies, are you paying attention? Moving on, I believe that she was the person that told us where the next pillar could be found plus some other juicy tid-bits that by brain cannot recall. Foggy-noggin syndrome.

We have learned that one lay to the south of a city that is just east of the city we are currely in. The problem is that it is across a great lake. Taking the water route saves us much time and as time is a commodity we don’t have much to spare, we decided to book passage with the only vessel the Elven kingon allows to enter their harbor. (Insert name of ship here)

In order to book passage we have decided to offer our muscle in exchange for the fair. The captain (insert name here) thought this a good idea and readily accepted our offer. Having the remainder of the day open to us for resupplying and carousing we sought out the grand-daughters of the Oracle as she had instructed. They own and operate a magic shop with which we might be able to purchase magic doo-dads that might give us an edge in any upcoming skirmishes.

I spent my remaining time getting some armor in exchange for the giant wolf pelt we had fund and kept. This would certainly prove useful in the upcoming day(s). After all our shopping information gathering had taken place we decided to do what adventures like to do  when not adventuring….go to the bar and get drunk.

While in the bar we knew the captain by his reputation of telling whoppers of tales. The story he told when we found him was that of his adventures while he was fishing one day and came across a talking fish. The fish said if he was a magic fish and if he were to be let go he would grant the fisherman his greatesr desire, all he had to do was throw the fish back and ask for his payment. As the story unfolds the wife of the fisherman wants more and more and asks her husband to catch the fish again with more and more grandious wants. Finally the fish tells the man you would rather be a fisherman and he would have the head-ache of all wealth and power he had accumulated, so he went back to being a fisherman.

To this grand tale all the bar patron laughed and applauded his fine tale but upon closer inspection we could not detect this to be a falsehood from our fine captain. We settled in to chatting with him and whiled away the evening ready to embark on the next chapter of our journey.

The next day we saw ourselved loade onto the ship and set sail across this moster of a lake. Several days in we were beset by a fog that hid another ship being captained by a horrible briggand of a man. The jolly-roger was clearly seen and we knew our mettle would once more be put to the test. This time there were more than just our lives on the line, those of the captain and crewman were also in jeapardy.

The ship came out of the fog bank and decided to come along side to engauge us hand-to-hand while others stayed behind the battle us mentally seeking to end the figh before it began by sending us off to oblivian with one of their spells. There attempt only succeeded in putting to sleep the crewman. Our party and the captain were spared this indignity.

As it turns out I had been standing by the captain in the hopes of chatting him up about something knottickle when the attack happened as was therfore separated from my companions. This was not good because as the leader of the group I am able to buff their defenses and make them better fighters. I am sure they are simply inspired by my purely awesome display of raw power and fighting prowess.

After a hairy and brief but brutal battle we were victorious. There were moments when we thought we were not so certain of the outcome. After a few brief moments and a ship-to-ship collision we were victorious. Once the pirates/cultists had been dispatched we started searching the ship for clues. We found one big one in the cabinboy who was hiding below-decks. He told us that there were lots of people that had been kidnapped and begged for our help.

This brings things up to the present.

More to come.

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  1. Paul says:

    Nice!! I like seeing your synopsis. It helps me know what information I have given that sticks, and that which does not. Plus seeing the how the story is unfolding from your point of view helps me know where to put emphasis in the future. I will have to fill in th blanks from my notebook.



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