Bowling Update – Week 27

This was a better week for the team after having our butts kicked all over the place the last 4 weeks running. Here are the scores:

  • Tommy (157) 151-155-189=495
  • Ruben (156) 159-172-134=465
  • Bill (170) 175-202-156=533
  • Tod (166) 244-157-119=520
  • James (210) 278-263-266=807

Yes that’s right boys and girls, I bowled my highest series and first ever 800. For that I get a ring commemorating the event, maybe a jacket, red carpet, meet the President and Prime Minister and quite possibly get a ticker-tape parade thrown in my honor in New York City.

Okay so most of that is not true but it sure felt like it last night. Everybody was congratulating me and wanting to shake my hand. It was pretty awesome.

In all truth it seemed pretty easy last night. I lined up and told myself what I needed to do to get the ball to roll properly; release ball at the foul line, follow through, don’t muscle or tug the ball, get the ball outside and breath. Easy right? Most nights it isn’t. Last night the lane conditions were pretty perfect for me meaning I had a pretty wide mark or place on the lane than I could throw to on the lanes and have the ball enter into the pocket for a pretty consistent strike shot.

In fact most nights I have to move a bit to the right or left to get the shot back. The reason for this is because with so many bowlers throwing the same shot as mine the oil spreads out and it changes the shot. Also as the night wears on the oil tracks on the ball and deposits on the last part of the lane that doesn’t have any oil on it so the ball hooks less on the back-end of the lane.

I know – bowling-speak is funny but these are the things we think of when we bowl. This and what cards will yield the winning hand; should I go for the flush or boat (full house)? Should I have a drink? In fact I did have a shot of tequilla that I nursed for three games. Thanks Tod.

Time for a little something different. I haven’t done this before but I am going to tell about the ball I am using. Last night I only used one ball, my 14lbs Avalanche. This means for both strikes and spares it was used. It is a ball that does not have a ton of hook on the back-end but is pretty consistent throughout the night for what I can expect to happen.

I think that sums it up.

More to come…

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