Bowling Update – Week 28

Tonight was the last night of regular season bowling for our league. It has been a rollercoaster of a ride and I find that I am both sad and happy that it is now coming to an end.

I am sad because it is the end of something substantial and meaningful in my life. Something I look forward to that allows for social interaction within a setting that allows for personal growth as an individual bowler or as team. I think this year I accomplished more as an individual.

Before I get to the scores I want to write a little bit about this year and what it means to me. Earlier I mentioned that bowling for me this year was a place for social congress. I know that I am a social creature and like to involve myself in activities that involve multiples of people.

To me this year has had special and significant meaning to me as I was able to finally bowl an 800 series scratch. This has been my unicorn for many years. In fact I had not really thought I was doing that well for the early part of the year but had been able to manage myself well enough and see where I had not been that strong and focus on those areas until I was able to nail the big series.

12 times this year I bowled 250 and above and 4 times I had series with 2 games that were over 500 in the same series. Finally I did have a series of 800+ where I averaged 269.  To me this has been a very good year especially after not bowling the last two years. It feels really good to be able to come in be competitive.

As I am vocalizing my feeling about this year’s bowling I would like to point out that it has been extremely fun to bowl with the group of guys on the team this year. Nearly every year we have had a different team because one or two people have not been able to bowl due to other commitments. I am hoping that next year we will have the same team. That may happen and maybe not. We have three members of our team that have friends that are interested in bowling. Maybe getting involved with a/the league. That would be nice as we have had only 10 teams come back this year and one of those teams with only 3 bowlers, one of which missed about half the league due to work.

I think year Ruben showed the most improvement overall in his game as he is averaging 156. I think next year he will be at 165-170 consistently. This year I think Tommy, Tod and Bill all showed brilliant games but never seemed to put it all together as often as they would like for the really great series or higher averages. Regardless of the how well anyone bowled the true spirit of bowling emerged with I believe everyone on the team having tons of fun.

On to the scores:

  • Tommy (158) 125 – 160 – 200 = 485
  • Ruben (156) 176 – 159 – 150 = 485
  • Bill (171) 169 – 179 – 160 = 508
  • Tod – (166) 139 – 158 – 190 = 487
  • James (212) 214 – 224 – 182 = 620

As you can see there were a couple decent games but nothing to write home about. Next week is sweeps and the roll-off for the top teams from each of the four quarters to determine the overall winner. This gives another $250 dollars for the team and a years worth of bragging rights.

Good luck to all of us tonight. Time to bring the A game and leave it all on the line.

Last bowling entry next week.

More to come…

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