Bowling Season Comes to and End

Last night marked the last night of the 11-12 bowling season. The last night of bowling is what we call “Sweeps”. It is a night of bowling that for most teams is simply a free night of bowling with the added bonus kicker of signing up with any number of other bowlers for doubles to bowl for prize money. The idea is that you take your score and add it to you partners score and get ranked from highest to lowest. The highest ranks get paid while everyone else donates. 🙂

Now I mentioned that you could sign up with as many bowlers as you wanted. That used to be the way it worked. Not this year. This year the group of people in charge of sweeps decided to do things a little different this time and limit the amount of people you could bowl with because it was their thought that too often a few people would sign up with a bunch of people and bowl big and would take most of the money.

So, while the idea is nice that they want to share the wealth it also limits the people who want to bowl with a bunch of people in the hopes of a big payout. I usually have fallen into that category. I would sign up with 25-35 people and bowl as well as I could. Most years I would make back my 25-35 dollars back but every now and again I would bowl well and make 2 – 4 times my money back and it was worth it to me to risk my few dollars.

Before I get to carried away with the gambling minutia, I also want to point out that the top four teams get to roll-off against one another for bragging rights for league overall winner and a few extra dollars for their pockets.

Having said that, we bowled our final night which started off well for Ruben, Bill and I bowling 223, 236 & 235 respectively. We actually beat out opponents scratch, not too bad for a team with one of the lowest team averages. This coupled with our handicap really had us feeling well.

That is where the good times ended. It was at that moment that nearly all of us forgot how to bowl and we were on average about 48 pins lower per person per game. The wheels, as they say, came off the cart. In fact if we had a cart it would have been something but we have a square rock wheel stuck in the la brea tar pit kind of momentum. After that game concluded we had no more fight left in us and decided to rally what spirits we had left, forget about league championships and tried to just have fun. On this last part we succeeded I think, for the most part.

On to the scores:

  • Tommy 131-146-156 – Was consistent and improved every game.
  • Ruben 223 – 110 – 127 – Started on fire with his years highest game but sipped something and lost all focus.
  • Bill 236 – 152 – 156 – Bill also started off really well but was unable to rally the next two games for a winning series.
  • Tod 135 – 145 – 162  – Was under average every game like Tommy however did improve every game which does count for something.
  • James – 235 – 216 – 170 – I started off well enough but went down every game and for that there is no excuse. I lost focus and will try better next time coach.

Tommy, Tod and Bill have had friends of their show some interest in joining a league. I think if Tommy and Tod get their friends to sign up then they will split off to form their own team. Bill also has a friend interested in bowling who would likely fill a spot on the team if this comes to fruition. Then each of our teams would only need one more bowler to have a full team. As sad as I would be to not be bowling on the same team as the Brother Jennings it is a good thing to get more bowlers into this league to stave off it not having enough teams and having to close permanently.

More to come…

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