The Mysterious Island – Revisited

It has come to my attention that there were more players than I originally gave credit to in my original posting on The Mysterious Island. After several rounds of communications with one of my readers I have come to a conclusion; I did in fact leave out one very key player or at the very least needed to upgrade his standing from extra to lead…the island itself.

I think I may have glossed over the importance of the island itself with not only the life-sustaining resources it offered up but in the hands of the right person, an Eden waiting to be built. So at this point I will say “I do not recall” if asked what I originally said about it and will now instead say “oh the island, fuck yeah it was key to the castaways survival.”

In all seriousness and after some time to let things rummage around the grey-matter up top I have slowly come to realize that the island was in fact a major role in the book and my favorite character. One might say it was an oscar worthy performance. 😉 It was like someone crafted the island for the specific purpose of starting over. In fact it is mentioned that several if not all of the two-legged characters said they intended to move back there after they sailed to the mainland and claimed it for the US of A.

Digging a little deeper into how this book made me feel I was moved by how compassionate each of the persons on the island were towards their fellow-man or dog or orangutan. In fact it was the better side of human nature I think that won out in the end.

I would be remiss in not mentioning the pirates; for had they not played their parts perfectly we may not have seen some of the compassion and determination with which I think Verne tried to embody in the castaways. The ability to believe whole-heartedly in a person or the penance of another was delivered in stark contrast to our own contemporary thinking…or maybe that is just me. I did feel that each character in the book saw the good in people regardless of their shortcomings.

I will make this a quick accounting of my thoughts and close with this…It is not too often I feel I have misjudged something, sometimes I am a little to quick with my views and sometimes I am a little over the top in my pronouncements but I do feel like if I ever am in the wrong or see something by a different light I will own up to it. It that regard I believe the island and it’s merry band of castaways have shown me something important; don’t hide from your mistakes, learn from them and move on. Others will forgive you and accept you for your faults.

More to come…

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