San Antonio – Here we come!

Today is my last day at work before Jess and I head to San Antonio for a couple of band-gigs. Her band, the Power Pep Band, has played in San Antonio before and they are all very excited to get back. Unfortunately they didn’t get booked on any of the floats that go up and down the Riverwalk but they were able to get a couple of gigs lined up that should be fun to play at all the same.

For the majority of our time we will be taking in the local sites and cuisine. We may even take a trip to the Alamo while we are at it. 🙂 In all actuality this is just a vacation for her band and family of band. Something to promote the bands health, well-being and camaraderie among the band mates.

This will be the first major vacation of the year and I am super excited. As I get older I have realized that I appreciate my actual vacation time more and more. As a younger man I was content to go camping a couple times a year over a long weekend but as I became married and my wife and I decide to honeymoon in Australia I was bit by the traveling bug. My wife had already been bit but like myself had not been out of the country until then. Now we travel as much as our budget can afford. Usually it has meant a long trip to Hawai’i and a couple long weekends at the coast.

What else can I say about this trip?…It will be fun to see the sun again although the truth is that we are going to be in the 70’s in Portland over the weekend before turning cruddy again. Yes, I get it, the “crud” allows for all the green stuff we have around the state. I understand and accept that. But for the love of all that is decent and good can’t there be an unwritten law that goes into effect that says it can rain all it wants during the week but have decent weather on the weekend? Is that too much to ask? Maybe it is.

In any case I will try to write each night and post pictures of anything interesting during our stay. I will also be filming the Power Pep Band and posting somewhere and linking to it here so that all can enjoy it.

More to come…

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