Our side-trip to Austin

While in San Antonio we had a bunch of really great experiences, but this one took place away from the home of the Spurs, this one took place in the capital of Texas, Austin.

Austin Texas Capital Building

Austin Texas Capital Building

Within a two-hour drive from San Antonio you can be at the captial as viewed from the front seat of my car.

The capital building which was looking stately and almost majestic. For some it was. I was less impressed but for my wife and our co-conspirator, a fellow band-mate for our journey, this was probably better than sliced bread. I will admit it was impressive and all echo-ee inside as you would expect something so large and spacious to be. We were also surrounded by all the past and present government office-holders and yes…we did see the mugs of Bush as well as the current sitting governor Rick Perry.

I am a sucker for a squirrelWe were surprised at the sentries that seemed to be quite aggressive, almost as much as some of the airline security teams. But these were much cuter.

Green Mesquite

While in Austin we dropped by a place called Green Mesquite Barbeque and More that we happened to see on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri. The bbq was so tasty not to mention the baked beans and baby cobbler. When asked if the baby cobbler was made with real babies the waitress gave me one of “those” looks that says volumes and relates one thing – FUCKING TOURIST! She was good-natured and took it in stride considering we had two pitchers of pretty good beer between the three of us and were feeling pretty good.


After our hunger and thirst had been slaked we decided to see a little bit of this burg but before we left the diner we asked the waitress if she knew why all the hotels were booked up. She told us that we happened along during the Bob Marley Fest taking place over the weekend.

We headed out and decided to leave the car parked and walk around a little bit. We ultimately ended up down by the river on the opposite side as the BMF going on but still close enough to hear. It was pretty neat. We walked and talked and found another watering hole where we had another cocktail and moved on.

As night started let us know that is was imminent we decided to head back to the car and make our way home since we had given up on finding lodgings for the evening. As we were getting ready to cross the river we had crossed earlier we came across a large gathering of people standing around on the bridge. Like tons of people. Hundreds of people, as it turns out, gather every night on the bridge to watch thousands of bats fly out from under the bridge to pursue their nightly feedings. As it turned out we were on the wrong end of the bridge and after some complaining by me that my feet hurt after walking and now standing around so long we moved to the other end of the bridge…to low-and-behold, multitudes of bats streaming from under the bridge. I claim an assist on that one not just the whiney bitch that I had been called.

There be bats ’round these parts!

I tried to capture some of the flying critters but could not. The only image I did managed to get was one of this guy at the entrance to the bridge. This is a monolithic piece of art. The wing span was about 9-12 feet across to give you some idea. They do things big in Texas. Pretty kewl I thought. Afterwards we stumbled our way to the car and drove for a couple of hours to get back to San Antonio. One thing to mention. Texas is big! Duh right? Well to give you and idea of the sprawl we encountered as we drove there were only two or three times for maybe 8-10 seconds that the freeway was dim of the lights of some freeway side lot selling cars or what-have-you. That is sprawl for you!

As we finally made our way home and parked our car and walked to our hotel we were greeted by the steady thump-thump-thump of the Kremlin the was downstairs and underneath our room. More on that later.

More to come…

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