Vacation Over – San Antonio – The food segment

The Alamo - April 2012Greetings! It has been about a month since I last wrote and that was a brief mention about my wifes band (The Power Pep Band) traveling to San Antonio to play during Fiesta.

So what is Fiesta and why go to Texas to play in it? Fiesta, for those of you in Portland OR, is like our Rose Festival. It is a celebration and excuse for people to get crazy and consume mass quantities of alcohol and good food.

The good food I talk about was sampled all over the San Antonio Riverwalk and other places that we checked out on the Food Networks Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri and Man vs. Food.

We stopped in at Lulu’s Bakery and Cafe where they take the expression of everything in Texas is bigger to a whole new level. We stopped in for a late night snack and were not disappointed; the cinnamon rolls were as big as our heads, the chicken fried steak was the size of a small pizza and the pancakes were the size of a medium pizza. Or was that the other way-round? In any case the cinnamon rolls were excellent but we also were in for other treats while we were there as well…The Blues Brothers stopped in a paid a visit. A couple of guys dressed in blacks pants and blazers, white shirts, black ties and sunglasses showed up to promote a gig they were doing in May.

The Power Pep Band highlights its sax section.It was really funny. When they walked in Paul immediately screamed out “The Blues Brothers” and everybody turned their heads in unison to see what all the hubbub was about. Upon being heralded the way they were they greeted us first and gave a card to their upcoming gig. This would not be the last time we saw random interestingly dressed people. Ask me about the three guys dressed in pink tutus walking down the street in San Antonio or the seven women walking down the street in Austin wearing identical long red wigs. Sadly I have no pictures of these people. It was crazy but in a good way. It reminded me of Portland…but I digress.

We also stopped in at a place called Taco Taco Cafe. let me detour my thoughts for a moments. Jess and I usually only visit one place twice during any trip because we want to visit all the places we can and try as many different cuisines as possible. Taco Taco Cafe was our choice for a second visit this trip.

We saw Guy Fieri interview the owner, a greek women, who wanted to open a Mexican restaurant. 14 years later she has TONS of reviews claiming her shop is the best Mexican food in Texas as well as other accolades equally as impressive.

Simply Beautiful!

Riverwalk San Antonio April 2012

Our first night there we had no idea where we were going and as I was driving we could have ended up anywhere but we finally came to have a first meal at a greek restaurant we found by happenstance. We initially pulled into a place that looked promising but it turns out it was just an outdoor musical venue. Across the street we went into a place that was just a bar – interested side note – in Texas establishments that serve alcohol do NOT need to serve food like they do in Oregon. This fact is important in another update later on. Finally across the street from the bar we found salvation. We pulled into the empty 4 car parking lot and ordered. When in a greek restaurant I go with the gyro – always. It’s safer that way. Besides if a place can’t make a plate of the american equivalent would be a hamburger then we all fail at the experience.

After dinner we found a liquor store that looked like his shelves were stocked with what he could pack in his car. There were like 75 bottles his establishment, not like the liquor stores I am used to be frequinted here in Oregon that have hundreds and hundreds of bottles. In Texas I don’t think the state regulates like they do in Oregon. One bottle of tequilla later we were on our way home.

I will wrap up with this; my best eating experience came from the Hard Rock Cafe on the Riverwalk. I had a hamburger and fries. The burger was juicy, meaty, perfectly cooked and with all the fixens. Perfection on a bun. The lousy slow service didn’t even detract from the experience. Like 40 minutes to order food slow.

there is another place we made a point of going to that I cannot for the life of me remember right now. I may update this posting later if I remember it.

More to come…

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