Halloween 2011 – Better late than Never~

Zombie germ free specimen.

I had intended to get this out last year but towards the end of my writing my PC froze or did something wonky and I lost my post. I then immediately tried to rewrite it without getting to upset at this set back but stopped mid-stream. I finally have finished it and want to now share it. Some of the words have been altered to reflect the future tense and past tense.

Pealing, scaly skin is an initial sign of the contraction of the disease.

For Halloween this last year I decided to go as a zombie. Let me explain. I REALLY love zombies! I read the comics, I have seen the movies, I have played the games and read the “How to survive the zombie apocalypse” book. Okay maybe I skimmed it. But the fact remains I really love them and next year will be looking to join a zombie walk. You may have seen or read about them on the news recently during the halloween time of year.

You know the host has lost the battle with zombiefication when the skin no longer looks healthy and alive. At this stage of the game the vics skin is rather sallow, cold to the touch and often mottled and disgusting!

My choice was made at the last-minute so I didn’t really research how to do the make-up or have an outfit that I could tear up and get zombified so to accomplish this task I made a quick run to Goodwill to buy a shirt I could get all gross and went to a costume store that has been set up in one of the vacant building in the Jantzen Beach mall area that sticks around for about 3 weeks leading up to the holiday.

Sunken eyes, bruising and unusual grotesque sores all over the body are sure signs you got a bad case of zombification. If you see this guy, run!

I had read online before leaving what the various zombies looked like but didn’t have much time to view the videos that had been placed on the internet that gave instruction so I was kind of winging it.

As I arrived, the place was busy with last-minute shoppers, much like Christmas. All crazy-eyed swift movements from aisle to aisle searching out the best deal. For me, what I was looking for was found right in the middle. I walked on up to the display case and spoke to the gentleman behind the counter. I told him what my master plan was and he made some recommendations on what would work good and how to use some of the make-up I purchased.

In one of the final stages of zombification your sores begin to ooze blood and the thirst for blood makes its initial presence known.

After I made my purchases I went home and eagerly started to apply my visage for the evening. Sadly, as I was to find out, the white base make-up was old and hard and did not apply very well. Jess came in and asked if she could help. I was at my wit’s end and gladly accepted some of her make-up. The images you have seen were me going the transformation of my first turning.

If you look close enough you can make out the word BRAINS on my lips. Zombies are typically pretty introspective but I am a zombie of another sort.

This was a fun experience, one that I hope to do again this year. Being a little wiser I can plan better and research more techniques on the application of makeup to where to place the most horrific wounds for the best effect. I am also looking forward to finding and watching more videos on how people apply their makeup along with any tips they can impart. Store-bought costumes are fine and often look the best but I am a sucker for the home-made costume. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. Here is the final picture of me. I didn’t find any ratty clothes or anything, just a shirt I bought from Goodwill I didn’t mind if I destroyed.

It isn’t terrible and I liked the whole process involved but I look forward to being more horrific this year.

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