Fiction Part II

As I sat near the curb on the still damp grass letting the moisture soak through my already damp pants I had a flash of something that was like right out of a dream. At first I wasn’t certain what it was, maybe a daydream but this was different; this was familiar, almost like I was experiencing something and being forced to remember it by this weird flashback. Like a forced remembrance of something.

I was standing outside in a meadow. The wind was blowing lightly through the long blades of grass that made an almost imperceptible rustling sound as they moved against one another. It was dark but the stars were out so I was able to walk without stumbling. I could every now and again make out the sound of a car far off in the distance as it sped on by.  I am not certain if I was far removed from the road or my hearing was impaired in some fashion. There was the smell of burn wood, almost like incense in the air. Faint at first but gradually it grew stronger. Like frankincense or frankincense and myrrh. I love that smell.

All the while I seem to be moving closer to a small light in the distance but not walking, kind of like gliding, creeping up silently on the pale light growing ever brighter as I approached. As I made my way I could start to make out the distorted images of figures, silhouettes really, moving ’round and ’round. As I approached even closer I could clearly make out some form of fire and the little shadows of little people dancing around with the greatest delight cast by the fire. I wasn’t nervous, in fact I felt very comfortable in my role as voyeur. Not in a pervy sort of way but like I was just watching merriment happening and it was okay to enjoy it in whatever fashion I so chose to do so. At this moment I chose to watch.

As my eyes became more accustomed to the light I was able to see that not only were there figures dancing around the fire but that other creatures, for lack of a better word, were made manifest. They came in all shapes and sizes, many of which were humanoid in shape having two leg-like and two arm-like appendages in the appropriate places along with a roughly head like shape atop its torso.

As I started to make out these beings, these little people, I could see that they also took note of my presence but paid me no attention, all except one little spritely thing. I distinctly remember it or she for it appeared to have female anatomy or at least the curves of a female, walked to the very tip of the branch of the tree nearest me in ever so slowly lowering it as she got closer to the edge until she was able to walk onto my shoulder.

She stood about a hand span high and grabbed hold of my ear for balance. I am not sure it she did this for necessity for the way she walked the branch would give cause for any tightrope walker to stare in wonderment. Her touch was surprisingly warm, firm but rough, almost like living bark. All throughout this time which took all of about 2 minutes, I was calm. You wouldn’t think so but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Also there seemed to be some commotion in the trees from whence she came. I couldn’t make out shapes but the sound was that of several voices talking in hushed tones. Their voices indicated amazement.

As she was right next to my ear it was easy to make out words she clearly meant for me.

“My name is likely not to be understood by one such as you but you may call me Elli-ayla. I am part of another realm and for tonight a part of yours. I wish to know of you.”

Her voice was high at first but after an involuntary flinch by me when she started talking she lowered it to more of a husky sound so as not to offend my hearing any longer. Also I noticed she weighed more than I would have thought if weight were proportionate for a human of her height. That was just it, she clearly was not human.

“Elli-ayla you say. A very pretty name by standards of my folk. How is it you wish to speak with me or am I just the lucky Joe that happened across the only field to have a hippie-fest going on?” I said this last part with as much sarcasm as could be mustered under the circumstances since this was likely an alcohol induced delusion anyway. I mean this couldn’t be real right?

“Your tone indicates you are not believing what your senses tell you is truth. Do not you believe what your eyes see? Do not you believe what your ears hear? Do not you believe what your body feels” With this last statement she leapt off my shoulder to land effortlessly upon the ground like it was a single step. If that were a human the distance would have been about six or seven stories. My mouth worked very little but I did manage a very witty “Huh” but was more amazed at what happened next. She started to grow or at least the shadows dancing across her from the moonlight and firelight would have me believe. Taller and taller she grew to where she now stood, a perfectly miniature replica of a human I would make out her out to be about four and half, maybe five feet tall. Her womanly contours also grew to match, maybe more on the fuller side. Definitely not an adolescent.

My mind balked at this for I had just seen a figment of my alcohol induced mind walk a tree branch to my shoulder, start talking with me and finally as if this weren’t enough she leapt from my shoulder to land squarely upon the ground and increase in size to a perfectly sized, womanly shaped woodland maiden. This was too much to handle, so I fainted. I remember Elli-ayla shouting or screaming something as I started to take a header for the ground. The ground looked so comfortable.

The screaming droned on for what felt like way to long.

The horn from the delivery van that Tony’s youngest son, Anthony Jr., was driving awoke me from my dream!? I had apparently slumped over and was now laying in the street perpendicular to the curb.

“John” the sense of urgency in Anthony’s voice would be very apparent to a lucid person, I however was not one of those at the moment so all I heard was the AH sound. Sounded like I was underwater and was only able to make out the hard sound.

“John, you alright man?” I felt an odd sensation all over my body. Like my whole body was a head of hair that so lovingly got rubbed by every balloon on every birthday up until I was twelve. My hearing started to come back and was now able to make out more of the words Anthony was saying.

Anthony or AJ as I called him came over to kneel next to me. He was nineteen on his last birthday. Had more of an athletic build than did his father who was more blocky. Minimized activity had replaced a youthful football players body with an older mans squareness for Tony but for now his youngest was in the prime of youth.

His hands were strong as he felt for a pulse on my neck and when he turned me onto my back. Ah youth. What the hells, I was only just turned 32 on my last birthday. I felt like as weak as a kitten.

AJ checked to make certain I was breathing all the while saying “John, John. Can you hear me John?”

It seemed like it happened very slowly but very suddenly I was able to hear once again and could form words. See here “Ahhh-Jayyy hommme” see, now that wasn’t so hard, and quite eloquint I say so myself. I felt myself being manhandle by this kid, one arm over his shoulder, his arm around my waist and off I was to the front seat of the delivery van.

This was an oversized van Tony used for catering parties with. It was white with a black lettering along the top.

My hearing finally seemed to have come back as well as a fair amount of my motor skills as I was able to talk and move intelligently. “See, I do” was the profound statement I made as I showed AJ I was capable of complex maneuvers like buckling my seatbelt. AJ just smiled and said “Good for you John, now sit back and be quiet as I drive.”


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2 Responses to Fiction Part II

  1. Anna says:

    Getting better. I really enjoy reading each segment. Mom


  2. Paul says:

    nice, great use of imagery. I particularly like your description of motion. It is difficult to give a scene action when writing. I thought you did it well here.


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