NBA Finals – Blargh!

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE basketball. I watch when I can, support the Blazers even during the crummy times (which has been a lot of the time) and my wife and I even went to a game in San Antonio for the Blazers second to last game of the season dressed in full Blazer garb. We cheered, were jeered and even made friends while there. I even caught TWO t-shirts while I was there. We watch some of the playoff games that don’t involve too many d-bags and normally have a great time. I predicate this posting with this disclaimer so that people reading this will know that I am not a “hater” and ranting about one thing or another for the sake of ranting.

Okay, now the rant.

So here’s the skinny. I thought I would enjoy the NBA finals more than I am. With the lack-luster play by some people and the inconsistent calls by the refs I am all but done with it for the season. Thankfully the series is nearly over. I am not counting OKC out of it yet but if history has anything to say about it, this series is over. No team has ever come from a 3-1 deficit to win the NBA Finals.On the other hand, who doesn’t love the underdog/cinderella story?

The other Last night I watched game 4 with my wife and it was so unsatisfying that my wife was playing a game on her phone and I was rather indifferent. There were moments however that were outstanding; the opening quarter right before Chalmers decided to shoulder the load and in my opinion the reason The Heat won last night’s contest. The last part of the third and almost all of the fourth quarters when Westbrook was a holy terror around the rim. Sadly one man does not a team make and I think the very thing that kept OKC close (Westbrook) was the very thing that prevented them from winning. He was the only one that was scoring consistently which led people like Harden to hesitate at crucial moments down the stretch.

I have made peace with whichever team wins and is likely to be Miami if OKC cannot find a way to involve their whole team and make some G.D. stops around the basket. This does not include Ibaka who has been a phenom throughout this series. Sefolosha has been an animal on D and the whole team pretty much has been holding up well but have been falling just a bit short.

Rant over – you can return to your regularly scheduled program.

To be fair I have seen tons of effort and individual play, even some great team efforts at times. I have seen more blocks in any one game than I can remember and some incredibly Terrible calls by the refs. Not many but clearly enough that you might get the suspicion, if you’re like me, that the game is a fix. In truth the refs, I believe, do make the very best efforts they can and sometimes miss a call or two. What I dislike more than anything is the sometimes lopsidedness of the calls. As an example, LeBron’s signature move driving to the basket while taking three steps and no dribble – yeah that’s called traveling. Just because he says it is not doesn’t make it so. You are the ref and are supposed to know more than the players. (Okay – now the rant is really over)

Tonight is game five and I am expecting to see the most intense play that OKC can muster. I think if they can keep the Heat running the floor and keep their shooting percentage up, that the Heat will get tired and slow down the farther along the game goes. This is what happened in game one. But they have to keep driving the lane and making shots. They have such a talented young team and I would like to see them win a game or two more if not the whole damn thing!

More to come…

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