NBA Draft – Trailblazer Picks

Portland had two first-round draft picks in a deep field (so I am told) and picked up a couple of players, that can make the NBA cut, will be additions to our team.

the #6 pick is…Damian Lillard * PG * 6-3 * 195 * Weber State

the #11 pick is …Meyers Leonard * C *  7-1 * 245 * Illinois

These are two positions Portland needs badly and if the players are good we could have a starting line-up that would be very hard to beat in a couple of years. I figure it is unlikely that these guys are ready to come in off the street as it were and be great in the NBA where everybody is bigger, faster, stronger and a lot smarter than in college, however if they are hungry enough and remain healthy Portland has some young talent that may get Portland back into the Play-offs and maybe past the first round.

Who knows what management will ultimately do with these guys, maybe keep them, maybe use them as trade bait. Who knows. All I know is that I would like to see Portland have some young talent on the team that are hungry, healthy and ready to play and prove themselves in Portland instead of getting a part here and there (and OLD players too) to try to get to the play-offs each year only to get bumped out in the first round. Portland needs to take some time to harvest a few young payers and build a family again. Each year there is so MUCH turnover with personnel that no one feels safe or a part of something bigger that individual effort. For that reason I hope Portland does some thinking and makes some smart moves over the off-season.

More to come…


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