Initial phases for eStore in progress

I will start off saying that I am now in the initial phases of starting my online store. I believe I mentioned sometime ago that I was starting an online store where I could sell gaming materials. This was the first step in getting some collateral to go to the banks with for a loan to start an actual brick and Mortar store.

I have already purchased the services of a professional web site designer and need only give her some direction of what I want and she will put it together. In the interim I have started to seek out the items that I will be selling such as cards and other games such as D&D material. to that purpose I posted an ad on Craigslist.

if you know of someone hat is interested in selling their old D&D or MTG cards please send them my email or have them reply to this post or my CL post listed below.

I am excited that I am making some headway albeit slowly in this pursuit.

More to come…

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