Don’t let this happen to you…R.I.P. ProHook 300

Over the weekend I was getting together a few items I wanted to sell on Craigslist and I knew two of the items I sought were 16 lbs. bowling balls I kept in the “Man-hole.” A little bit of a joke there. My wife thought it was funny and placed a picture of a man-hole cover on it as a joke (maybe) and it has been their ever since. I know most people just call it a “Man-cave.” But I digress.

ProHook 300

ProHook 300

As I grabbed the ball I had kept in the corner on a ball stand I felt an odd sensation across my hand. That of an enormous crack running 65-75% of the way around my ball. Tear!

I have heard of extreme temperatures both hot and cold will have adverse effects on a ball but this was inside my house. I know there was some period of time whilst my wife and I were in Hawai’i last year that my mother/father’s in law were unable to adjust our heat using the electronic gizmo we have for controlling such things since it was new to them. I would not have thought that would have caused this to happen but I cannot think of another time when it got that cold. In and case…

R.I.P. Prohook 300

Prohook 300

Prohook 300

This ball leaves behind 2 or 3 300’s and numerous 700 series. This was the first ball I bowled a 300 on. You will be missed.

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