House Painting Party August 4th!

You ever have those moments when your mouth writes a check your body has to deliver on? Mine has, many times in fact. The latest is the painting of our house. Last summer I said to my wife she could take a trip and visit her parents, who at the time were living in Omak Washing otherwise known as B.F.E., or somewhere anywhere and when she got back I would have the outside of the house painted.

At the time it seemed like a good thing to say, I had every intention of doing it, since it was a year off and we had not had a real summer to provide better weather for such an endeavor then.

Oh how time flies. Now as summer is fully upon us no longer toying with us giving an 75-80 degree day one day and 55-60 the next. It is time to get things under way.

My wifes parents finally sold their house in B.F.E. and are now about 45 minutes away so Jess can visit whenever she likes but taking a couple of days off to visit them is really no longer in the cards. Not only that but she has decided to be a part of the whole process.

I had it all figured out last year when I made the promise. here were my steps:

  1. buy paint
  2. borrow pressure washer & paint sprayer
  3. pressure wash outside of house
  4. prep house/tape windows move any items away from side of house including yard debris
  5. paint

It was a simple plan right? Wrong! Here is what I learned (and already knew but was avoiding in my own head)

  1. go with wife to choose colors for house, trim, and doors
  2. price out cost for paint and use mathematics to figure how much paint to buy for each of three colors
  3. get feedback from family on colors
  4. invite a bunch of people to help paint (by brush) the house – wifes idea
  5. sand all window frames
  6. remove all debris from around house
  7. wash all surfaces of house to be painted
  8. deal with wasp nests under eaves
  9. buy primer for window frames as well as additional painting accoutrements as needed before painting day (August 4th)
  10. paint primer on windows framing for prep for real painting
  11. get yard/house ready to receive painters
  12. buy food/drink for painters as deadline approaches
  13. paint house – paint has primer mixed with it so only one coat needs to be used
  14. The following day I paint the window frames and doors

I think that about covers the minutia for this little endeavor. Actually my wife is a planner and she loves putting things like this into action. I will give her credit for also making this a painting party which should be fun and turn into a BBQ when we have finished for the day.

I will take pictures and post them for each stage of the process – before – during – after for you all to enjoy.

More to come…


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