House prep nearly complete!

Yesterday I finished washing the house. Yes I said washing the house. In preparation for the soon to be house-painting-extravaganza we (Jessica and I) had to do some prep work. She and I sanded window frames as well as the garage frame, swept cobwebs from nooks and crannies, pulled weeds and creepers from the edge of the house, removed hornets nests, pulled out staples, hosed down with water, sprayed with a cleaning solution and finally scrubbed every place I could reach with a hose/scrub brush attachment.

Yesterday we also painted one edge of a window frame so that we could see what the paint looked like actually on the house in contrast with one-another. The avocado for the house looked great and will look like a million bucks when finished. The eggplant for the window framing did not look good to either Jessica or myself, I thought it was too dark and she thought it was too light. Funny. The red we are going to use on the front and back door did not look good on the formerly red window frame. I placed a fair quantity of the paint on but it just never looked good. Fortunately we are going to be painting on a white door and not a dark red window frame.

Worse comes to worse we don’t need to have the other colors chosen right away because the painting we are doing on August 4th is only for the house itself. Everything else I will be doing later.

I still need to mow the backyard and front yard and maybe even pull some weeds etc…from the front yard so that the house looks respectable.

Phil, my father-in-law will be manning grill for dinner. Lunch will be provided by Subway. We are providing both of these to our “conscripted” volunteers. I think beers might also be involved probably from Pyramid Ale House. To this we may even have a fire in the pit and break out the tiki torches for those who want to stay late and brave the mosquito’s.

I will grab pictures this weekend before I start on the weeding etc…so you get a look at the before and after makeover of our home. I am excited for this to get under way.

More to come…

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1 Response to House prep nearly complete!

  1. Paul says:

    Red and Red variants like purple and oarnge never, ever, ever look good after one coat. It typically takes at least three before you don’t see swirl and contrast marks in it, or the base color bleeding through. My “mancave” took 4 coats of high quality paint before I thought it was good enough. However, that said, after enough coats you get a killer look and it’s worth the effort to do it.


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