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Wow! That is all I have to say. It has been a whirlwind of activity and excitement for the last several days. Let me recap:

Thursday after work my wife (Jessica), her two parent (Phil and Donna) and myself went to The Edgefield to see Steve Martin wail on the banjo. He is in a band called the Steep Canyon Rangers and play bluegrass. It was pretty incredible and now I am a big fan of bluegrass. They opened up for Emmylou Harris and her Red Dirt Boys who played some old-school country. I was less inspired after their performance but I think that was more my taste than their playing.

Friday after work I again met up with my wife and her parents at the waterfront for the Oregon Brewers Festival. Basically the Brewers Festival brings in more that 60 brewers and over 100 different beers to one location on the waterfront in a contained area where people get to get samples of beer or a full pour and can hang out and eat or listen to music. After trying 14 samples of some beers that ranged from meh to pretty good and some food we headed over to the stage where the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies were playing. Those guys are fun to watch. From Eugene and having some success mostly in the 80’s this group was still very entertaining with the fast paced swing style of music. It was fantastic.

Saturday Jess and I went over to a couple of friends of mine that are resettling back into Portland after searching the job market away from Portland the last couple years. We brought the grill goodies (chicken and steak) and wine and they provided side-dishes and hosted the event and grilled our grub.

It was really nice to see Jon and Kelly and I am very happy that they are back in town so that we can see them more often now. After eating, drinking and making merry we headed home for the welcome embrace of bed.

Sunday was pretty mellow. Both Jess and I cleaned up and ran errands for a few hours and then Jess made dinner from left-over. We watched a little of the Olympics and finally watched the movie Margin Call that had excellent actors in it but the script was garbage and they did a terrible job of explaining some things that were necessary to move the movie forward. I believe it was also a swipe at Wall Street for all their shenanigans over the past years.

I finally went to bed and shut off the light at 9:30pm so I might get some rest before the 4am wakeup call. Blargh! As it turns out I had no suck luck with getting much sleep.

More to come…

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