Weekly Weigh-In

It has actually been more like yearly weigh in or like the dentist, twice yearly. So last week I weighed in at 269.4 lbs. This is the heaviest I can ever remember being.

It isn’t all bad news however and I feel like there is a silver lining to all of this however. I had been taking a series of body adjustment sessions to help alleviate my sciatica. Right now I feel better than I have in a long long time and so I am hopeful that I can now get back on track with better exercise more often.

The body adjustment I am talking about is similar to Rolfing in that it is a series of sessions addressing all the body parts and freeing them of old “fused” positions. That is maybe not as well as I can explain it but it will be a start for me to build on.

Basically when a part of the body is injured our body compensates for it and makes adjustments so you can move around “normally.” What this does though is weaken the injured area and over develops the others making some weaker and some stronger. This affects the muscles which over time contribute to actually readjusting the spine and other key elements of the bodies framework. This in turn causes undo stresses which have consequences.

What my body was doing was trying its best to contort and realign to compensate for lots of things so was out of alignment all over the place. After going through my sessions I feel like my chest can expand more, I am not slumped or stooped when I sit or walk and I feel generally better about my forseeable future, more so than in years past. Now I can start to stretch and regain some much needed flexibility to help prevent this from recurring again.

I also had a acupuncture session for the very first time last week. This was to help with circulation and reduce swelling. If my wife and I can swing it financially I will take a series of these treatments as well to help speed the process of healing. If we can’t I progress at a slower pace and am not out anything really.

As it stands, unless I have a very expensive MRI and even more expensive possible surgery I will be trying non-surgical modalities for treatment for this issue. That is the route I have chosen to take unless I see no improvement in the next year.

My new mantra has got to include more regular activity. Fortunately with prepping for the big house painting project I have had to wash and scrub the outside of the house, remove cobwebs, hornets nests (hornets included), and other debris in order to get the house ready to paint. I do remember many a time when I actually had a job that required me to be physically active and what it was like to actually sweat for a living. There are parts of me that appreciate that line of work. Some elements but not all are missed.

I will try to be better about regular updates and have toyed with the idea of before and after pictures. That might be interesting although I would likely save that until the end and create a cycling slide show.

More to come…

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2 Responses to Weekly Weigh-In

  1. Floyd Wills says:

    Hey James, glad to hear you are exploring alternative methods to help with your back. I hope you can find some methods that work well for you and produce good results. I can relate to what you are writing about as I have two bulging discs in my back from two car accidents within the past three years. I have used some alternative methods to help relieve pain, stretch, and strengthen my back. These have included, accupuncture, massage, seeing a Chiropractor, stretching and strenghthening exercies, self-hypnosis, EFT, and practicing Tai-Chi. One of the most helpful to me has been doing some simple Tai-Chi movements in the morning while holding a ball filled with sand (helps give a little resistance training). The EFT and hypnosis help when my stress levels are higher (stress causes my back to hurt more) and help deal with some of the emotional components that affect the injury. I don’t know if you”ve ever explored the idea of trying Tai-Chi or Chi-Gung, but I think it is well worth investigating. Also, some form of relaxation/meditation training is great for releasing stress. I have a dvd that has some simple Tai-Chi exercises that I practice that I would be glad to loan to you if you are interested, just let me know.
    Best wishes on bringing healing to your body.
    Your friend,


    • Hey Floyd,

      Thanks for the kind words. I didn’t realize anybody read my blog, not really. Mom and wife don’t really count. 🙂

      I have tried a couple of alternative methods for both pain management and for better body mechanics. This latest round seems to have actually helped significantly enough that I can tell when I am sitting and walking. And walking seems to come a little easier too.

      Now is time for me to decide how much I want to actually be better. Now is the time I have to put in the effort and the work with strecthing and a healthier lifestyle.

      I am sorry to hear about your back issues. Pain of any sort is a terrble thing to live with however I can relate to the kind generated by, in my case fluid on the nerves in one case and ruptured disc in the other, any issue stemming from your back. I effects so much of what we do.

      I would definitely be interested in checking out some Tai-Chi. I am willing to try anything for healthy results. More flexibility will lead to more acticity which will lead to better physical health…in theory. 🙂

      We should get together in general anyway. I could invite Linus too so we all could S.T.S for a while.

      Thanks for the reply. I REALLY do appreciate your kind words. I hope your continued efforts yield great results.

      Love to the family.




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