This is the kind of week it has been at work…

So, as some of you may know and some may not know I work for the largest conferencing company in the world, West. I work in a subsidiary called InterCall. I mention this because we get a TON or work that comes our way and we use email all day long – sometimes hundreds of them. Fortunately my department and hence me, don’t always get those. We have departments that filter out and separate what goes to which group etc…

Last  This week ( I actually thought it happened last week we have had so much stuff come through) on one fine day the orders were coming in fast and furious and things kind of spun out of control on communication and I got lost somewhere (there’s a shocker…right?) and replied back to one of my colleagues my apologies and she replied back to me.

This is that exchange with a wonderful picture included to lighten the day.

Me – Actually I saw the other mail and not even this one although it was in my inbox. I AM really losing my mind back here. Sorry for all the confusion. Too many emails to go through. (said face emoticon)

Colleague -No worries, James. We are all at that point right now…approaching complete insanity level. Hoping for some relief soon.. light at the end of the tunnel?

Light at end of tunnel

I got a great laugh out of this pic and it really helped me get through the rest of the day. Enjoy the weekend.

On another note, tomorrow I have a crew of people coming over to paint our house. Yeah! Pictures to follow.

More to come…

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