House Painting Success

We made it through. So as it turns out this past Saturday, the day we decided to paint our house, is the hottest day of the year! This was actually not an especially good thing because as some of you know, paint bubbles if it gets too hot and all your efforts end up being for zero. The good news is the paint did not bubble and we are well on our way to having our house being completely painted.

Initially we had a start time of 10am but when we heard the forecast we bumped it earlier to 8am so we could beat some of the heat. Good thing we did too. Most everyone who volunteered came at 8am and by the time the 10am’ers showed up we had largely got the most directly exposed sides of the house to the sun painted.

Everyone did an amazing job and my wife Jessica and I are very thankful to have such good friends that would sacrifice a day to come over and help us out on a project that were it left up to me would have taken longer and not been as much fun.

I will post some pictures as soon as I download them from the camera. My wife was photographer for the weekend so I am not sure what there is but I know there are some before and after pics.

Now all we need to do is some touch-up on the main house (green) and then primer/paint the trim purple. Leaving red for the doors. It may seem garish but the green/purple will make the house really stand out and make people smile as they walk by. It really is a very nice color/combo.

Again, a special thanks to Tommy, Paul, Brian, Ruben, Jim, and Craig for helping paint. I do appreciate you bringing over not only yourselves but your painting equipment as fantastic attitudes. You guys are the best.

Thank you Donna for the rockin’ homemade baked beans.

Thank you Phil for being the “Grill-Master”. The steak was “moo-velous!

Thank you Paul for your company and Undie thanks you for the company of your dog whom he adopted into his pack for the weekend.

Thanks to our neighbor Collette who allowed me to borrow her 16 ft. aluminum ladder while she was gone.

And finally a special thanks to my wife Jessica for who without, none of this would have been possible. It was her idea to make it a painting party/bbq extravaganza-palooza. It was her color scheme for the house which we went to several stores and asked many opinions of family members before choosing the colors we did. It was she that ran around all over the place Saturday morning buying food and drink and was running gopher detail all afternoon. It was also her idea (as far as I know) to put up the gazebo to offer some additional shade from the blistering sun. She also took pictures throughout the day to capture the moments as they unfolded.

For you Jessica I feel the most grateful. You put up with a lot of grief from me at times and always seem to take it all in stride. You are my rock and I am truly thankful to have you to lean on for guidance and unquestioning support.

Thank you to everyone! I truly love you all.

More to come…


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