Weekend Fun

What a weekend. Let me tell you about how much stuff you can pack into a weekend when you want to. I don’t recommend it for everyone but if you love to drive and see the beautiful Oregon scenic landscapes cruising from one city to the next, something like this would suit you just fine.

Our plan was to have me pick up Jess at 3pm, head to Eugene for dinner at Papa’s for an authentic fried chicken dinner before going to the McDonald Theatre to see Greg Proops. After the show we head to our hotel for the night and wind down.

The following morning we are to head to a little diner for breakfast after which we make a pit-stop in Beaver Country (Corvallis) at Jess’ favorite pizza parlor, Woodstocks, for 2 LG. pizzas to go; one for the guys (Spicey Beav. – pepperoni – sausage – black olives – mushrooms) and one for the gals (create your own 5-topping – onion – garlic – pineapple – jalapeno – and a 5th mystery topping).

Let me start off by saying that my wife loves Greg Proops. I am not certain as to when she started to really appreciate his sense of humor, whether it was from back in the days of Whose Line Is It Anyway? or just from her scanning podcasts that interested her. In either case Jessica had purchased tickets some time ago and we were gonna make a weekend of it. Head down to Eugene from Portland after work, grab a bite to eat at Papa’s, stay that night, eat at cozy little breakfast place and head back to Portland by way of Woodstocks in Corvallis.

To begin with Jessica and I left work at 3pm to make our way down to Eugene on Friday to see Greg Proops do stand-up at 7pm at a small venue call the McDonald Theatre. As we got on I5 Southbound we thought we might encounter some traffic but not the bumper to bumper we actually did. As it turns out there was an accident around Wilsonville that had cars backed up, ultimately, to downtown Portland. Fortunately after moving 12 miles in 1 hour we decided to get off the freeway and see if we could sneak around the problem, getting back on the freeway just south of Wilsonville.

Our gambit paid off and we made it through to pretty smooth sailing all the way through to Eugene. After having arrived about 6:15 and then finding a place to park we got to the theatre at about 6:30 and were eager to get somewhere cooler than where we were.

As we step to the foot of the marquee the sign clearly states that the show will not start until 8pm which is an hour later than the theatres web site said. By the looks of the other couples hanging around outside I would say that there was some confusion on the theatres part. Sadly they don’t print the actual start time on the tickets so we had to occupy ourselves for another hour or more.

This is where Papa’s came into play. This was the place we were going to have authentic fried chicken. Apparently my brother-in-laws favorite place to eat in Eugene. Once we arrived at Papa’s we were greeted with a 20 minute wait and as it was now around 7pm we couldn’t chance it. We decided to eat elsewhere.

We settled on Things from Another Planet, a burrito place of some note. I walked back to get the car while Jess ordered our food and beer so we could minimize our time to get back to the theatre.

The food was really good and the beer was tasty. I swapped beers with my wife as I appreciated hers more than mine and she was indifferent. After our meal we headed back to the theatre and went in and grabbed our seats. Second row on the far left of four rows. Isle seats. They were actually really good seats.

We were warmed up by a local comedy improv troupe that I don’t recall the name of but were entertained through various sketches they did. Some involving audience participation and others not so much. They were funny and we were ready for the main act, old Proop-Dog!

Let me start off by saying my experience with Proop-Dog (Greg Proops) is limited to catching a handful of episodes from “Who’s Line is It Anyway” to a couple of segments of podcast he does that my wife listens to religiously. I was never really that impressed….until now!

Like all comedians he talks about his life and spins everything into some funny that we can all enjoy. His creative signature is where he expounds on something and describes it with four or five fifty-cent words really quickly. As far as comedians go I would say he is the sharpest on his feet.

Another aspect I appreciated of his was his ability to react at a moments notice to the situation at hand. Take for instance the couple of times there was a heckler or just someone who may have had one too many beers before the show. All I know is that he got loud and Proop-Dog shut him down quickly and efficiently. It was truly a spectacle to behold…in a good way. 😉

After the show we grabbed a sixer of beers at the local Safeway for some late night refreshment before we turned in after the incredibly long day.

Once we checked in to the hotel and got settled it was time for the shoes to come off, the feet to stretch out before me on the bed and a cold beer to appear magically into my hand. Sadly things didn’t happen quite like that. As I was pulling out my Kokopelli bottle opener I was mentioning how it was time I needed a new one since he didn’t open so well any more. His aluminum feet were getting pretty dinged up and it took two swipes to open most bottles. As I was saying this and showing my wife I was placing Koko’s feet to the bottle cap and lifting. I thought the cap had come off cleanly and was moving to slide the cap off the top of my closed hand holding the bottle when the bottle came loose and gravity did the rest.

Most of the beer was lost and what was left was flat. Total party foul on my part. And then there were five. I did make it thru one full bottle before calling it a night after watching a little bit of the 1981 classic – Stripes starring Bill Murray, Harold Ramos, John Candy, Judge Reinhold, Sean Young and John Larroquette.

The following morning we had breakfast at a small place whose name escapes me but was also another recommended by Jessica’s brother Marshal. The food was good but the highlight of the meal was when two guitar players started playing and singing. Not just any song but our song – The Book of Love. At first I wasn’t sure I was hearing correctly. Like maybe I had had a seizure and was having a brain meltdown and the last thing I was hearing was our wedding song. As an emotional and sensitive guy that everybody knows me for it was all I could do to not start crying right there at the table. If I had started hearing it from the beginning I probably would have turning into a giant ball of cry. As it was I heard the last half and maintained. I am sure my eyes got a little misty and my wifes did as well. That is how I knew we had the right song, when after three years I hear it still has that kind of impact on us.

After breakfast we found a park to walk in that was next to the river so we did that while people were setting up gazebos for an events happening later that day.

On our way out of town I ask my wife to stop at Goodwill so I can see if they have a belt as my last one finally bought the farm. Sadly there were none to be had. On our way home we stopped at four more and came up empty each time. Well, in regards to the belt. My wife on the other hand did buy a couple of pair of Dansko shoes. Score. If any of you know about shoes you know that Danskos are spendy.

I did buy a bag of polished stones. Pretty rocks. Shiny rocks. My wife said I bought them because she bought something and I felt like I needed to buys something too. Cha-right! If that were the case I would have brought home a boat. 😉

I mentioned the awesome pizzas we  picked up in Corvallis at Woodstocks. Our last bit of drive took us to Oregon City to visit Jessica’s parents that just moved here from Omak Washington. We hung out and had pizza for dinner and beers.

The following morning we were up early to make breakfast before I headed out to play in a D&D game we get to play about every three months with friends. The breakfast and game were both awesome!

That was the haze from last weekend. This weekend my wife and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. The traditionally “Leather” anniversary to signify the durability of the relationship. Modern times have started moving towards crystal. To be honest Jessica and I don’t celebrate the “norms” that most people do. We make our own rules for what is right/wrong for our relationship and how to celebrate it.

We do traditionally go to the restaurant where we had our first date and again on the night I proposed to her as well as almost every anniversary since. But that can all change. We just don’t want to feel tied to something for the sake of that something instead of what motivates us to be us. If that makes any sense to anyone other than myself.

I think that will be it for this post. I have been adding to this one all week and it is about time to update again.

More to come…

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