Game Night Update

It has been quite a while since I last updated anything regarding gaming so I will give a brief overview of the last couple sessions.

Let me start off by mentioning that my buddy Paul who is running this campaign is loosely basing some of the villains and other characters on the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. I may have mentioned this before.

We previously had met up with the witch in the gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretel, the big bad wolf ( I was swallowed whole in that session), the old man of the sea, some others too I am sure that I cannot remember and most recently Rumpelstiltskin.

We originally met up with Rumpelstiltskin as an adversary in some dungeon crawl while we were clearing out of bag-guys in pursuit of any clues that might lead us to either the heirs of the late king whom are the rightful rulers of the land or to some nugget of info. we could use to reactivate the portals of Teralon.

At the time we didn’t know the guy but he did his best to put an end to team good-guys. He put several of us in the hurt locker with his cheater lackies that could force a player to save or die on a successful hit of some evildoer power. Out of four attempts only one managed to hit (Ruben) and he made a save vs. death but on a save you take 50 points of damage, which is enough to knock Ruben’s monk out of the fight temporarily.

After a hard-fought battle and the main villain running for his life with everyone in our party hot on his heels and he up and vanishes through one of the Mirrors of Teralon that was hidden from our site in a back room. What the hell!? What else could we do.We loot the place and head back to town.

After arriving we are given a summons to se the mayor of the town, which we comply with. He says that we are to see a gentleman who would like to discuss some bizz-nass. Just by asking us to see this mystery man his debt to said mystery man was cleared. What the heck, we didn’t have any other leads at the moment to follow and it isn’t a bad thing to have the mayor owe you one.

We arrive at a palatial home to a shocking discovery. Our host is none other than mister I can escape through the mirrors of Teralon mo-fo himself? He introduces himself as Rumpelstiltskin. After our inital shock wore off and our want for to cut him up into tiny pieces abated we decided to hear him out. He had a proposition for us.

Since his manor had powerful magics that bereft us of our weapons we thought it wise to hear him out. His proposition was to evict some squatters from a house that he owned. He also asked for us to retrieve his cane that fluffy had made off with while he tried evicting the squatters. We didn’t have much of a choice so we went on down to the location. It was located on the outskirts of town and rumor had it several people had not been seen from after wandering around the house the squatters were residing in unlawfully.

We made our way to the manor and seek an audience with the occupants only to be rebuffed and turned away. Now we decide to break out the stick since the carrot didn’t work. We break in and are even still willing just to throw the people who were illegally living in this residence. Turns out they were vamps – G.D. vampires operating on the dregs of society, picking off the old, derelict, downtrodden and forgotten about bits of humanity.

Not on my watch. As a leader type with an extreme prejudice against the undead I had plenty of reason to lay the hammer down, which in this case is actually true as I use a hammer to do the talking for me. A short battle later and we had rid the world of some pesky neck-biters and the problem of the squatters was resolved but we hadn’t encounters a fluffy or retrieved Mr. R’s cane back.

Since there are always old creepy dank nasty basements in places like this we make for it. Turns out we were right and encounter some nasty phase spiders, swarms of spiders, one nasty undead hag thing and of course fluffy. We were not told that fluffy was a ginormous friggen spider that looks like it could eat a Buick for lunch and have room left over for dessert. After a none to friendly fight we finish off all the bad-guys and find the cane the Mr. R. so dearly wanted us to retrieve.

Part of our deal with Mr. R. for the expelling or in this case making more dead the undead and retrieval of his cane we would receive knowledge on the portals and the witches. Turns out he knows quite a bit about both. Seems he knows the whereabout of all the mirrors, has a history on them, how to use them and where to go to obtain even more information on them. Regarding the witches, it turns out they are his sisters. Like we didn’t like him before, now we REALLY don’t like him. However saying all this he has been very forthright with his information and apparently there is no love lost between his 3 sister-witches and him.

He highlights all the minutia he can and after a period of time we have decided on our next quest which is to clean out another tower of Teralon. To accomplish this we have to take a ship farther east and then caravan up into the hills where it is located.

Since no trip can ever be as easy as it sounds when you are gaming we prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. Good thing to since no sooner had we arrive at the port city we can see that they are flying the quarantine flag. Seems like bad news and possibly something that we might be able to help with.

We enter the city and are immediately assaulted with a scene hard to describe. The entire city has been besieged by giant beetles and swarms of other critters literally killing everything they could get their hands on. Not to worry the heroes had arrived. Or so we thought. Two of our party were unconscious before they could manage a “oh shit” moment. Sadly our monk took the abuse once again but also our controller (played by my brother Linus). Oh and I must mention that Linus (Lenny) took to natural 20’s in a row to lay him low. In fact it is worth noting that Paul rolled four nat. 20’s in a row to lay his own hammer down to start things off.

This night we only had four of our six member party because of circumstance so we thought it was be a one-off or cake-walk. Nothing doing says Paul and tries to mimic Craig in a TPK. Fortunately our ranger/striker and myself are made from sterner stuff and are able to stand our ground and between our efforts bring one giant beetle down. The second one however was still up and kicking. After several more hairy rounds of close quarter rounds of combat and ye old cat and mouse game of healing the players while sacrificing some NPC’s so that other could live we managed to overcome the horrible scourge that had befallen the city.

But wait, there’s more. As Lenny’s controller/mage was going near one of the sewer grates his senses were assaulted by a terrible odor that could have knocked a landshark out. He was strong of will and body and through off any ill effects.  Our work here was not finished. We encountered miconids (mushroom people) that were really tough. Another group of less tough subterranean nasties and finally a carrion crawler hiding in a deep pool of water. We made short work of them and ultimately cleaned out the joint.

As a reward we have obtained 10th level. Woo-hoo. We haven’t been that level in quite a while and it feels good. I think that is it for now. I am sure a glossed over the finer details but these sorts of entries are meant only for high-level overview stuff anyway. However I am always will to talk/discuss any gaming matter relevant to our current game or not. I am also fine with making correction, of which I am sure there are many as my memory doesn’t grab every nuance or perspective of each game session.

More to come…

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