Weekly/Monthly Weigh In

262.9 and dropping. Down from 269.4 from a couple weeks ago. Recently I have been feeling like my old self in terms of being able to stand up straight, walk taller and with better posture. I attribute this to the work I had done at Grain Integrative Health. This is a clinic that specializes in a little less main-stream and a little more alternative life wellness. Being as such I undertook 10 sessions of intense body calibration for lack of a better way of explaining it. Similar to Rolfing but different in enough ways that it is not grouped as the same technique.

Walking has been a bit easier and I feel less terrible after a long walk, in fact the last couple weeks I have felt really good after a couple of mile hike or some physical excursion that I haven’t done in a while. (I think that was a terrible run-on-sentence (shhh…don’t tell anybody)).

This is all good news. Although I do still struggle with it all the time. For me the biggest obstacle in my way for any sort of sustained weight loss is my own mind and the negative place it tends to reside. The “what’s a candy bar going to hurt” or the “maybe I will cut this walk a little short.” mentality.

Not only does this dark spectre hide in the dark recesses of my mind and despises coming out but instead actively sabotages my positive thinking and beneficial mojo I might otherwise build if it would just shut is giant suck-hole and let me be.

To the collective monkey’s on my back preventing me from being who and what I want to be…FUCK OFF! I am trying to accomplish something positive here and your fucking it up. I feel better now. Now back to your regularly scheduled show.

More to come.

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