Weekend Double-Feature Part II

This past weekend was really full of activity. Friday started off with both my wife and I having our company parties being held at the same place, Washington Park. This not only was a great coincidence because it allowed for me to pick up my wife just around the corner when I was done with mine but it was rather convenient because just over the hill at the zoo we had a concert to go to; Trombone Shorty.

Trombone Shorty plays New Orleans jazz. I was never a big fan until I heard him play and now I am hooked. I cannot wait to go to New Orleans to have this sort of thing played from every street corner. I hear the food is supposed to be pretty good too. 😉

Saturday was a double feature starting at 3 o’clock at the new Cinetopia in Vancouver using Groupon. Two Groupons specifically. I got tickets for The Campaign at 3pm and my wife got tickets for The Dark Knight Rises at 5pm.

Since we still had two unexpired drink tickets from the last time we had a double feature day (a post I had not put up because the experience was pretty lousy) we were able to get a pitcher of beer for our fist movie, The Campaign.

After both movies we headed back home for dinner and a little wind down time before bed.

Sunday was me helping a friend (former colleague at Corvent/InterCall) get her new massage room set up. She moved locations and needed help hanging a mirror. After helping with that I sat and chit-chatted for a while. Unfortunately my chit-chat took up too much time so we couldn’t get to the farmers market on our way to my wifes parents house for dinner.

To wrap up the weekend we joined Jessica’s parents for dinner and conversation. We stayed for a few hours and when it came time to leave we grabbed our dog who had been having a dog-cation with the two dogs Jessica’s parents own as well and the big yellow dog of Jessica’s sister. When together we call them Dog Nation – Lily is the big yellow dog belonging to Jessica’s sister. Ruby is the big red dog belonging to her parents, the little red dog is Buster A.K.A Spicy Beav. A.K.A. Taco DelMar also belongs to her parents. Undie is short for Under Dog and belongs to us.

That was it for the weekend. As you can tell it was pretty full. Next weekend is the weekend I usually go camping but because no one was able to grab a camp site large enough for a big group I decided to take the days off (Thursday and Friday) I was reserving for camping and finish up the painting I have left to do on the house. It it the priming and pointing of the window trip and doors. One day for putting up tape and painting the primer and the next day for painting the regular paint. There are additional days if more than one coat of each is needed to finish the job.

Last night we had our annual captains meeting that marks the start of the bowling season. We are going from 10 teams last year to either 18 or 20 this year. Should be fun. That’s it for now.

More to come…

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