Cards Purchased…Selling Begins

It has been mentioned that I am in the process of starting an e-business for the buying/selling of MtG cards. In the past 6 weeks I have made a couple of purchases. I initially bought a small collection of about 80-10 cards, rares and mythic rares. Then I purchased a binder of perhaps 200 rares/mythic rares. Yesterday I purchased a collection of cards totaling from 3-5K cards with maybe 300 rares and about 8-10 mythic rares.

I need to sort and catalog the rares and mythic rares before I can accurately post them for selling. This also is needed for my bookkeeping records of which I need to become familiar with using. This will something I do maybe on Sunday and/or Monday as Monday is Labor Day.

I think I will need to sell off a major portion of these cards before I can invest in any more card purchases. To do this I have found an online site ( that does auctions amongst its members. Lots of high-ticket cards are sold here to places all over the world. Although I eventually want to sell overseas regularly I will stick to my own continent for the time being.

That is all the news for now. – Hold that thought. Maybe I will list my cards on my blog as well. Never know who may read it and be a player and potential buyer. 🙂

More to come…

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