Swiss Family Robinson – Johann David Weiss – 1812 – Spoiler

I just finished reading the Swiss Family Robinson book on my Kindle last week and I wanted to talk about it briefly.

First off, I appreciated the book if not down-right liked it. I am not sure it holds up to contemporary standards but within some households it would. Teaching values never gets old and that is really what this is all about. The value of a hard days work, avoiding slothfulness, envy, rash decision-making, anger, greed and embracing love for your fellow being, your surroundings and for your maker.

There are certainly many more valuable lessons that can be found in this book. For me it was largely just entertainment. I found it more believable than Robinson Crusoe and with a more satisfying ending. Don’t get me wrong, I want to be very clear, I appreciated Robinson Crusoe and think everyone should read it (so don’t send me hate mail). I am just saying that I appreciated the Swiss Family Robinson version of this very similar story better.

Currently I am reading The Life of Pi in preparation for the live action movie that will soon be released. I am in the early stages (pg. 21) of the book so have nothing to say about it for now. I will speak a little more about this when I have finished it.

More to come…

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