Daily Weigh In

Last week I mentioned that I was trying to be better about weighing in regularly so that I hold myself more accountable as well as being more aware of my daily eating habits. It had been mentioned that your weight can fluctuate  by a couple of pounds daily and that if you plan on “weighing” in regularly you should probably get used to the fact that spikes of a couple of pounds may not be all that uncommon and shouldn’t freak out about it.

Personally, I don’t think you should weigh yourself everyday, I think that creates its own set of problems where the weigh in means more that what the weigh in is telling you. I will be doing it every two-weeks and will report the results. The big thing is making sure I do this and as we all know, I have not be to good at being consistent about it. All I can do it make the goal, set some reminders available to me and do my best.

Here are the last five days weigh ins…drum roll please……..

  • 091312 – 260.4
  • 091412 – 256.4
  • 091512 – 256.6
  • 091612 – 256.6
  • 091712 – 257.8

This gives me an average weight 257.16 for the last week and I can be fairly confident that this is roughly my weight within a pound. Since my 269 entry on July 31st I can say I have lost nearly 12 pounds. Not bad for six weeks. This did not involve working out more than usual although it does involve some house painting and trying to be good about getting the Underdog out for his walks almost every night. It does mean I have watched very closely what I have been eating. Most of my snacking has been nixed. At least the readily available candy snacks that are the bane of my existence.

In addition being mindful of what I eat because of the need to lose weight but as you may remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote about having a food intolerance test done; the results of which said I had an intolerance to dairy as well as the combination of cane sugar and its many derivatives and fruit within four hours of it. This has led us down the path of removing sugar from our diet. No easy or small task I tell you.

The effects of all these health issues coming to bear all at once it that I don’t eat anything I want to know, I have to think about what is in it. This has led to the wiping out of my candy snacks and fewer calories as a result of it. The removal of dairy was the real blow as I dearly love cheese, especially goat cheese. It also means that I need to read even more labels to see if dairy was used in the production of any of the foods we eat. You would be surprised at what items do have it in them. The big thing I have found was that many meats use lactic acid as a preservative. Fortunately our meat market – Western Meats – doesn’t use any lactic acid on anything other than items which need preserving like pepperoni, jerky, and I believe hotdogs. All the rest of the store is free of it. Yeah!

All of this has led us to eat more natural unprocessed foods and leading my wife to be more creative about food prep. at home as she does most of it. We also have to call ahead to restaurant or look online to see what the menu has in each of each of their prepared dishes. Fortunately many places have this material online or are willing to discuss with you over the phone. Ye Old Spaghetti Factory and Buffalo Wild Wings both are good examples of places we have had good support from in this regard.

I think I will close with this; life isn’t a sprint but a marathon. Simply, I didn’t put on all the weight I did overnight and I am not expecting to take it off overnight. I am taking my time with it, monitoring what I eat and making sure I am getting exercise every day. I believe this creedo holds true for all of us, “If you decide you need/want to lose weight, Do it right! Do it healthy!”

More to come…

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2 Responses to Daily Weigh In

  1. wartica says:

    I agree ;.weighing yourself everyday is just going to set you up for failure ! Once a week would seem better 🙂


    • I think weighing in for the sake of weighing in does set yourself up for failure. Body adjustments take time. I think that we have become more expecting of instant gratification that we lose sight of the real goal; which is overall weight loss and doing it in a healthy manner.

      Thanks for the response.



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