Bowling Week 2

  •  Tommy (158) 146-135-148=429 (143) -15
  • Ruben (156) 152-175-188=515 (172) +16
  • Bill (170) 190-207-177=574 (191) +21
  • Tod (166) 135-158-188=481 (160) -6
  • James (212) 181-269-184=634 (211) -1

This week was not nearly as good as last week in terms of those making our average with only Ruben and Bill doing so. Tod and I were pretty close but Tommy struggled. Having said all that; even with three of us not hitting our average the other two were collectively above there average more that the three of us that were collectively below it. What does all that gobbledygook mean as my mom would say? Simply put it means that as a team we were above our average.

Bowling is a team game and we get the most points by the team do well more that any one individual. Each individual can win 1 point per game but the team can win 5 plus an additional 5 points for the total of all three games added together. Here is the break-down. This gives us a possible 5 individual points per game, 1 point per bowler. We can earn another 5 points if our team score is higher than the other teams. This means we could win 5+5 per game + another possible 5 for series. This is a total of 35 possible points.

Let me show this to you in another way so it may make more sense.

Game 1        Games 2        Game 3        Series

  • Tommy         1 point          1 point            1 point
  • Ruben            1 point          1 point            1 point
  • Bill                 1 point           1 point            1 point
  • Tod                1 point           1 point            1 point
  • James            1 point           1 point            1 point
  • Team             5 points         5 points          5 points
  • Series (all three game scores added together)        5 points
  • Total          10 points     10 points      10 points    5points=35 points

I hope that makes more sense rather than less.

For my own games I tugged the ball in the first game and didn’t trust the ball to hook back in causing the ball to come in high often in the first game. Once I figured that out I rolled 269 the second game. Then I got cocky and started muscling the ball and over-rotating it which had the ball breaking early and coming in high to the pocket again.

My goal this year was to get a 600 every week. Not an average of 600 but to actually shoot 600 or better. This will take some discipline on my part but I think I saw glimpses last year of the way I would like to bowl this year. I need to find my way back there. The year is early.

Oh, and before I forget, we took 30 points the first week and 29.5 this week. 59.5 out of a possible 70 is really really good. It’s a long season so I am not counting any eggs. I am just saying we started off well and would like to see us continue.

On a final note; one of the bowlers were bowling against and whispered to me that I had done a fine job with Ruben’s tutelage. This made me feel good on a couple of levels; on the first, that I had something to do with Ruben bowling as well as he has been and on the second level that Ruben has been bowling as well as he has been able to do. Ruben seems to be having more fun, is winning some poker hands and is less unsure (nice double-negative right) more sure of his own skills.

I think this will be a good year for all of us.

More to come…

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