Bowling Week 3

  • Tommy Mr. Pink (158) 109-148-148=396 (132) -26*
  • Ruben (156) 160-160-148=468 (156) Even
  • Bill (170) 177-169-201=547 (182) +12
  • Tod (166) 180-189-151=520 (173) +6
  • James (212) 160-248-245=653 (218) +6

We split 16/19 on the points if the score sheet is to believed.

Things to note are the scores in bold. Tommy Mr. Pink had his thumbs stick in the ball when he released so much so during the sixth frame that he actually fell down. This is not funny and I don’t say this to embarrass Tommy Mr. Pink but rather to shine a light on some of the hazards of bowling.

When you get a ball drilled for your fingers and thumbs they are done so that you have the maximum effect on power and accuracy. If the ball is too loose it slips off your hands and you have no power or control. If the ball is too tight, this usually happens on the thumb, it my stick and in extreme cases can do real damage to your tendons and ligaments in your thumb and hand. And in Tommy’s Mr. Pink’s case last night he fell down and an uncontrolled fall may also cause injury.

Oh, I should mention that Tommy Mr. Pink will no longer be known as Tommy Mr. Pink throughout my blog. Instead he will be known as Mr. Pink. Apparently he got wigged out that one of the twelve people who read my blog may stalk him or something because his name is on the Internets through my blog. Whatever! 🙂

The other score in bold is my first game. I could not figure it out to save my life. I actually used all three of my bowling balls and was unable to get it together. I took a long stroll to clear my head after my game was complete so I could come back to our lanes and not be a complete dick.

I went back to my new ball that I originally started the night with. I moved a couple of boards to the left and through out to my mark on the lane and trusted my ball to come back. Low and behold it worked. The next two games I bowled really well. The lesson here is to keep you head and think about what you need to do and most importantly, trust your ball.

I think I will wrap up with our new averages. You see for the first three weeks of bowling you use your last year’s book average for nine games after which time we establish a new average. So without further ado I give you our new averages…

  • Mr Pink – 146 (I am not 100% if this holds true since the last two games he was absent for he may be establishing for two more games still.)
  • Ruben – 171
  • Bill – 182
  • Tod – 170
  • James – 214

More to come…

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