Magic the Gathering ~ Quote of the Day

For those of you not familiar with Magic the Gathering you likely will not get this. For that I apologize, I don’t mean to exclude you. For those of you that do understand MtG – this is for you…

Whilst bowling last night I was thinking about magic and talking over some cards with Ruben and asked him the following question, “Do werewolves hate vampires and all things undead?” His response to me was “No, I think they’re just Face Scratchy.”

To me this was hilarious. I guess I am weird. Good one anyway Ruben.

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2 Responses to Magic the Gathering ~ Quote of the Day

  1. Mikki says:

    Hey James, I read your blog today and found out about Mr Pink(aka Tommy) you misspelled stalk you have it as stock. Good going on the bowling. The picture of the Moth still looks fake. That’s all for now. M


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