New Mexico or Bust!

Even though this week will be challenging in terms of a couple of early days (4am and 4:30am), I don’t mind so much. Why you may ask? Because we are going on a vacation to New Mexico in less than a week.

Ever since my wife and I took our honeymoon in Australia three years ago, November, we have tried to go somewhere warm during the cooler time here in Portland Oregon. The last two years we have been to Hawai’i and we loved it. Personally I don’t think you can spend too much time in Hawai’i, but we want to see more of the continental US and besides we already know we like Hawai’i, at least the three islands we have been too so far.

So how did we come to the conclusion to go to New Mexico? Simply put, my wife loves the Southwest. The rich vibrant colors, the food, the plant life, the weather…all of it.

We are flying into Albuquerque (via Colorado), driving North to Santa Fe and then South to Carlsbad.  It is going to be awesome! We get to see the rich scenic landscapes, the diverse animal life suited to the region and get to eat some wonderful food along the way.

We will be taking pictures and I plan on sharing them with you once I get back.

More to come…

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